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Posted by MultiGen Wellness on 10/18/2022

Side Effects of Hormone Therapy- Risks and Benefits

The caring team at MultiGen Wellness Online provides an integrative approach to men’s and women’s health. They offer a variety of telehealth services as well as a full range of in-office treatments in San Antonio, Texas.

From men’s and women’s hormone replacement therapy to nutraceuticals, the friendly and knowledgeable team at MultiGen Wellness Online provides customized treatments that  restores youthful vitality. They also offer specialized services to boost muscle growth for bodybuilding.

Hormonal imbalances can cause a vast array of troubling health problems, including menopause symptoms and erectile dysfunction. MultiGen Wellness Online helps adult patients overcome these issues with long- and short-term treatments for whole-body replenishment. 

MultiGen Wellness Online offers the ultimate ease of service with a telehealth option for appointments that don’t require an office visit. Their expert team provides complimentary personalized consultations and reviews a variety of treatment options to fit every patient’s unique needs. 

To learn more about whole-person health, call MultiGen Wellness Online or book a consultation online today.

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