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Alternative Myotherapy Reviews

Submitted by Emma on 10/10/2022

extremely skilled

Overall Rating

I've been a regular at Alternative Myotherapy for over 2 years. The therapists are generally extremely skilled and have helped me to maintain my fitness with their deep tissue massage. I have not been disappointed in any of them, but my favorite is Nathan- he's got an insanely strong grip that feels incredible after a hard workout.

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Amazing staff members

The staff of Alternative Myotherapy are all amazing and have been my saving grace. I am a dry needler, but the training I've gone through with them has made me so much better and more confident as a therapist. I also love their holistic approach to treatment and I know that my clients feel the same way because they tell me constantly how grateful they are for visiting my clinic!

Submitted by Harper on 10/27/2022

Best experience with Alternative Myotherapy

I've been having chronic back pain for the past year, and nothing seemed to work for me. I was at my wit's end when I tried Alternative Myotherapy. The therapist made sure that each part of my body was well-cared for and completely relaxed. It was the perfect remedy to get rid of all my aches and pains.

Submitted by Wilsonemely on 10/15/2022