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Laser Skin Care Clinic Dubai Reviews

Submitted by Zeina on 01/05/2023

I always have such a warm and happy

Overall Rating

I always enjoy working with the Dubai Laser Skin Care team since they are so friendly and welcoming! They put in a lot of effort while meeting the high client expectations and never fail to grin. Since they are always so busy and I don't want to miss out, I always make my next appointment before I leave. Thank you, LSC ladies—you are awesome!

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Professionalism was outstanding!

The professionalism was superb!
Excellent explanation of the process.

Given my own training in medicine, I was unable to find any problem with the professional's skill in doing my surgery.

Submitted by Zeinab on 01/25/2023

Great Results

With the skin peel accelerator + LED light, my skin has never felt better. My skin is smoother than ever, and I get considerably less outbreaks. With my hectic, fast-paced lifestyle, I sincerely appreciate the professionals at the laser clinic in Dubai for always giving the best service and putting forth 100% effort.

Submitted by Charlotte on 01/13/2023

Very Happy

My skin feels wonderful, and my micro-appointment was incredibly soothing. Thankyou!

Submitted by Karyme on 12/27/2022