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Posted by Fusion Layers on 09/18/2021 in Business

Chef Knife Set


This chef knife set is incredible. It includes 3 different knives such as chef knife, Santoku knife, and paring knife. Moreover, this set can do a variety of kitchen tasks. Cooks use a chef knife for cutting meat, disjointing some cuts, and chopping nuts. Santoku knives are ideal for mincing, dicing, and slicing purposes. Furthermore, the small paring knife is best to cut, chop, or slicing fruits and vegetables.

As the top knife manufacturer, we only use high-quality steel for our stainless steel knives. Our craftsmen are also highly qualified. They have more than 20 years of experience in forging the perfect knife.

The chef knife set has razor-sharp edges, and eye-catching olive wood handles with rivets. All three knives are different but perfect in size. The total length of the chef knife is 12.5” where the blade is 8” and handle is 4.5”. The complete size of the Santoku knife is 11. It has a 6.5” blade and 4.5” handle. Furthermore, the paring knife is the smallest but the most substantial, as well. Its total size is 8” with 4” blade and 4” handle.

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