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Top 4 shelves you can use for mounting your baby monitor

Before mounting the best video baby monitor into your baby room, you must prepare enough essential items. They could be different depending on where you will install: the wall, on a shelf, or the baby crib. In the event of shelves, there are many different types of best baby monitors on the market. Let you read the information about each one below to determine which one is the most suitable model.

What are the benefits of the baby monitor camera shelves?

Installing a baby monitor on a shelf can have an unobstructed view of the entire baby room without getting any blind spot. Moreover, this position can keep the video baby monitor out of the reach of your baby.

The types of baby monitor shelves

Small shelf with a flat surface

This option takes less space in your room; even it becomes invisible. It is small enough to hold a baby monitor. What's more, its stylish design with primary colors (black and white) suits any room decor. Here is the specific information:

The shelf that is 9.8 inches in width, 4.8 inches in depth, and 1.5 inches thick can put up with a 2.5-pound baby monitor.

If you don't want your monitor to fall, you had better secure the unit to the surface by using tape or 3M strip.

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Adhesive small shelf stand

Drilling holes will ruin your walls, so what is the solution in this case?

Using an adhesive small shelf stand won't leave any unacceptable mark on the wall surface.

How can?

Instead of drilling, you will stick the baby monitor to the wall by using adhesive strips. You can still adhere to different surfaces without tools such as tiles, vinyl, decals, wallpaper, wood, and paint. Don't put more than 2 pounds on this shelf, or your installation will be broken.

Flat shelf with cable management

The flat shelf is designed to hold electronic devices. In this case, you just need to run the wire through the hole in the middle of the shelf. There is no need to run the cables to the side of the flat shelf.

What's more, the installation of this shelf is quick and straightforward. What you have to do is to use 3M adhesive command strips to stick to on the wall. When taking the baby monitor down, your wall won't be damaged.

Corner shelf with cable management

Thanks to the small design and size, this corner shelf suits limited space and room. Furthermore, this choice is pretty safe because you can secure the cable to the wall's corner.

Like other shelves, this corner shelf doesn't require a permanent installation. But, if you want to add extra security, you can use anchors and screws. It can withstand a thing over 2 pounds, so it's more than enough to hold a small model.

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Although the best video monitor for baby can provide the parent unit with the high-quality video and audio,  only picking up an appropriate shelf can result in a good view. What type of shelf have you bought? Don’t forget to let me know by leaving a comment in the section below.

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