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Posted by All Clear on 10/31/2020

Detect asbestos presence to come up with the asbestos management plan


Asbestos is present in plenty of places inside your home or workplace. You might find it in vinyl flooring, interior and exterior wall cladding and soffits, fences, texture coatings, fireplaces, stoves, hot water cupboards, electrical switchboards, roofs, guttering and downpipes. And the list goes on! 

All clear can help you detect the presence of the asbestos in your place so you can come up with asbestos management plan. We provide reliable and quality analysis services to ensure that your property is free from asbestos and your family is safe.  

If you have concerns about asbestos at your property, leave your details with us. Our asbestos experts will discuss the likelihood of any asbestos hazards. Give us a call today!

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