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Submitted by Piotr Paradowski on 06/28/2021

Ultimate online shopping portal

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I love online shopping specially for my fashionable clothes and trendy shoes. I love new design and modern shoes. Recently I purchased a green funky styled shoes of Canvas. I just love it. Its smoothness and the sole quality keeps my legs very comfortable and cool. In this summer season, its fine pores bring fresh air in the shoes and doesn't let my feet sweating. I also bought a shining blue shirt of Oxemberg. It is lightweight and fit on my body.

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Amazing shopping site for home decor

3 weeks ago, when I was going to celebrate my mom dad 25th anniversary. I purchased a lot of home decor from buy. The twinkling lights of 1 dozen, 4 pair of led lights, some artificial flowers and a table lamp. Apart from it, a photo frame of size 32x10 to frame their together picture. All I got at a discount of 10%. Althought discount was not enough but the quality of products were mind blowing. The twinkling lights are going well. They light up all the time. THe picture frame it being lightup. A small LED light is fitted inside it.

Submitted by Abdulrahman Alzeyadi on 05/31/2021