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Posted on 09/12/2020 in Category 1

Why your school should have an asbestos management plan?

Why your school should have an asbestos management plan?

Auckland contains many schools- — some public, other non-profit or parochial. The city itself and surrounding suburbs are beautiful with an amazing building that attracts artists and casual tourists who simply enjoy searching at old structures with woodwork and complex designs. 

Unfortunately, however, if your child attends an Auckland school, he or she may be at risk for asbestos exposure. Your school officials have hopefully implemented a solid asbestos management plan. If you have no idea what that even means, it’s a great idea to find out more and know how you can protect your rights to keep your child healthy as possible, in case any problem arises. 

Does your school have an asbestos management plan? 

As a parent, it’s normal that you worry about a certain problem that places your child at risk during their school hours. Nowadays parents even worry about national emergencies, as well as bullying and other prominent issues. Your child’s school may have some hidden health problems, so you need an asbestos management plan to address them quickly and effectively. 

  • Your child’s school has a responsibility to implement the right asbestos management plan and also keep a record of the plan on file.
  • The plan consists of a recommendation about the asbestos response actions. 
  • An asbestos management plan must also depict whether their areas of the school contains asbestos. 
  • The plan was also written documentation for all the actions to be taken to repair or remove the materials containing asbestos in the school grounds. 

There are various types of asbestos, so the school your child goes should have on record what exact type of asbestos present. You should also check the original and subsequent inspections should be on file. As a parent, you have all right to get updated about the inspection, news or action involving an asbestos situation at your child’s school.

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