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Posted on 02/10/2023 in Category 1

What You Need to Know About 360 Lace Wig

What You Need to Know About 360 Lace Wig

The demand for wigs is increasing day by day, and there are more and more women wearing wigs. People’s requirements for wigs are also improving, and they are constantly pursuing the quality of wigs. Many women want to make many hairstyles for their wigs, but because of the lack of lace, you can’t make some hairstyles, such as a high ponytail, because you need to make sure that your wigs have natural edges. So, in order to meet the needs of customers,360 lace wigs appeared, which can help you create various hairstyles and ensure the natural appearance of your hair.

There are many types of 360 lace wigs. Today’s blog will help you to know more about this wig and choose the right one.

What are 360 lace wigs?

360 lace wig means this wig lace is 360 lace circulars, can help create a perfect hairline around the front and back, help you to create more hair style, such as double ponytail, ponytail and high bun.

Who suits 360 lace wigs best?

360 lace wig is very suitable for people who want their hair to look as full and natural as possible. They are also a great choice for women who prefer a bun and ponytail.

You can easily cover the hairless area with this wig and decide where you want to increase the volume. 360 lace wigs are ideal if you want more loose and comfortable hair as they allow the scalp to breathe. Your skin will not itch after you put on 360 lace wigs.

The benefits of 360 lace wigs

1. Very breathable and comfortable

Because of the large area of lace, your 360 lace wigs will be more breathable and more comfortable to wear. You can wear a wig for a long time without feeling stuffy, especially in summer. Breathability is also beneficial to protect your natural hair, let it breathe and promote its growth.

2. More modeling methods

360 lace wigs can provide you with more styling methods, and you can create many kinds of free hairstyles, such as ponytail hairstyle and high bun hairstyle. You bought a 360-lace wig, and you can experience a variety of hair styles.

3. Free typing

You can freely part your 360 lace wigs.

4. Baby hair

High-quality 360 lace wigs often have baby hair, which can make your appearance very natural.

5. Pre-plucked hairline

High-quality 360 lace wigs are all pre-plucked hairlines, so you don’t have to pull the hairlines yourself, which also reduces the damage to wigs and the risk of damaging them.

6. High quality

High-quality 360 lace wig is made of 100% human hair, which is of high quality, not easy to tangle and fall off, and has good tear resistance.

7. Long service

High-quality human hair 360 lace wig can make your wig last for a long time, give you a natural appearance and make your wig continue to be used. If you take good care of it, your wig will last at least 2 years.

8. Protection

360 lace wigs can protect your natural hair, keep it away from pollutants in the air, and avoid direct damage from ultraviolet rays in the sun.

Disadvantages of 360 lace wigs 

1. Price

360 lace wig is more expensive because of its larger lace area. However,360human hair lace wigs is still very worth buying, with many advantages, which is very worthwhile. If you buy a lot of inferior wigs, you might as well buy a good high-quality wig.

How to maintain your 360 lace wigs

1. Comb your hair properly

You should be careful to make sure the wig is soft and smooth. You can usually gently remove the tangles from the hair of 360 lace wigs with a comb. You should choose a professional wig comb or choose a wide-toothed comb if your wig is curly hair, be careful not to use too much force when combing your hair, and slowly remove the tangles.

2. Take care of storage

If you don’ t wear your wig, you need to keep it well. For short periods of time, you can put them on a wig rack to keep their appearance and shape for your next use. If you don’t wear it for a long time, you may use wig bags, wig boxes and so on to store your wigs. Remember you need to make sure the storage environment is cool and dry.

3. Good hair care products

High-quality hair care products can better protect your wig, if it is inferior products will make your wig worse. You should choose a shampoo that does not contain sulfates, which can damage hair tissue and damage your hair. You should also pay attention to the choice of high-quality moisturizing hair conditioner, regular maintenance of your 360 lace wigs.

4. Don’ t swim in a wig

You should take off your wig before swimming whether it is in the sea or the swimming pool or the river, and you should avoid some chemical or contamination components inside to hurt your wig. Of course, if you wear a swimming cap and clean your wig in time after swimming, you can also swim with your wig on.

5. Wear a silky nightcap

When sleeping, you can wear a nightcap and a silk nightcap to reduce the friction on your hair. You can also choose a silk pillow to achieve the same effect. Otherwise, friction will make your hair generate electrostatic reaction, which will make it messy, and at the same time, it will risk your hair breaking and falling off.

6. Avoid heat setting tools

You should reduce the use of some heat setting tools, such as appliances, curling irons, perms and hair dryers. High temperature will damage your hair tissue, make your hair dry, make your hair lose nutrients, and then lead to dullness, breakage and shedding of your hair. You should reduce the use of these tools, or take thermal protection measures when using them, such as using the lowest gear, using thermal protection liquid and so on.

Final thoughts

Do you want to try the 360 lace human hair wigs after you read the blog? Hope you can know better in the 360 lace wigs and know the more ways to care the wigs.

If you try to buy 360 lace wigs, you can check the information of 360 lace wigs in Recool Hair. There are many different styles of 360 lace wigs which are made of 100% human virgin hair. You will love them.

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