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Posted on 09/28/2022 in Category 1

Tips and tricks for Office 365 migration

Office 365 migration can be highly beneficial to businesses, whether it is small or big. Although the process can seem a bit daunting to administrators, here we've mentioned some valuable tips and tricks that help you migrate and make things easier once you have them.

Outlook Web Access offline mode

Migration can support OWA in the offline mode, provided you are using Chrome 18, Internet Explorer 10 or Safari 5.1. Think of it as being similar to running an Outlook client in cached mode. Offline mode allows the contents of your mailbox to be downloaded to your computer, improving overall performance and allowing access to your mailbox while offline.

Recover deleted items

Once an item has been deleted, it moves automatically to the 'deleted items folder. These usually remain for 30 days before being systematically purged. However, your deleted mail item can still be recovered 14 days later when you apply the 'Recover Deleted Items' feature.

Office 365 has one 'recover deleted items' bin, so regardless of the folder you want to recover the deleted items, it shows a single list for all the messages that Outlook can still heal for the whole mailbox.

Shared mailboxes

Your business may utilize shared mailboxes for various reasons, such as equipment scheduling or room calendars. Others may be used for communications intended to be sent via a departmental email address rather than that of an individual. Not to mention those who allow their assistants or team leaders to manage their calendars or other vital communications as part of a team. Shared mailboxes are worthwhile and can often make communications much easier between different departments.

Online archive

Office 365 email archive is like a second mailbox, only hosted on Exchange online, providing more centralized storage of email items, folders, attachments, calendar items and contacts. You'll find them appearing automatically in Outlook (2010+) and in OWA, reminiscent of how a.PST file would appear when enabled by the server administrator. They provide easy access via the Exchange server, although many businesses opt for third-party archiving software that recognizes more file types.

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