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Posted on 04/14/2021 in Category 1

The best cuts of beef for steak

Steak is usually a cut of meat that has been sliced across the muscle fibers of an animal. Beef is one of the most consumed types of meat. 

You should know the quality of beef and the variety of cuts which is good for grilling a steak. If you have ever enjoyed eating steak then it is probably because of a good cut of meat.

The tenderness of the cut of meat is directly tied to what muscle it comes from. Most of these cuts also have an assertive amount of fat, which assures a full flavor. It is important to know which cooking technique to apply to each cut of meat or else your taste of steak will not be delicious. Choosing the best cuts of steak will help you to grill the steak better and also properly cooked to consume. Here are few popular beef cuts for steak: 

  • Eye Fillet (aka Fillet or Tenderloin): It is also known as filet mignon. It is a cut from under the ribs of a cow and it is low in fat. The tenderness of the steak has a buttery texture but due to its low fat, it is also correspondingly low in flavor. Cooking this beef cut is much faster and it is desirable who prefer mild flavor.
  • Scotch Fillet (aka Ribeye): Rib-eye steak is sliced from the ribs with the rib bone and comes with an abundance of rich marbling of fat which results in rich beef flavor. It is extremely juicy and one of the finest beef steak to eat. At the same time, it has a smooth, fine grain, which makes it easy to cut and quite tender.
  • Sirloin (aka Porterhouse or New York Steak): The porterhouse steak is the same cut as the T-bone and has the same characteristic T-shaped bone. It is lean, tender, and juicy because it has no bones and less fat. This steak will taste delicious in any style you cook it.
  • Flank: It comes from the lower belly of the cow and is a large, flat muscle with long fibers and little fat which makes it a bit chewy. It is one of the popular steak cuts used in restaurants for fajitas. It should be sliced thin against the grain to get a flavorful texture in taste.
  • Skirt: Located just underneath the rib towards the belly of the cow and is long, thin with rich beefy flavor. The best way to know a good piece of skirt steak is its flexibility. It shouldn't have a tough feel or seem rigid. 

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