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Posted on 12/31/2020 in Category 1

Suggestions on Maintaining Proper Hygiene in Your Spa Areas

Suggestions on Maintaining Proper Hygiene in Your Spa Areas

The cleanliness of a spa plays a huge factor in building customer loyalty and ensuring their return. People tend to stay away from untidy spaces.

Customers visit spas in order to get various parts of their bodies groomed, making the place vulnerable to the accumulation of mess and bacteria. Besides clients, regulatory bodies often pay a visit to inspect the sanitation levels of a spa and a lack of immaculacy can cause the owner to lose their footing in the industry. The possibility of a lawsuit is not far-fetched either.

The majority of spa owners aren’t oblivious to the fact that they should maintain a high level of hygiene in their spa, but they may not have appropriate disinfection and sterilization methods intact. Common health concerns that have surfaced in spas include fungal infections due to the failure of keeping tools clean, bacterial infection from pedicure procedures, wart virus, athletes
a foot from slipper usage, and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) from unclean surfaces.

The concerns listed above are a testament to the necessity of sanitation in spas. We have listed a few ways you can ensure high levels of hygiene in your beauty center.


A lot of water is used every day during the working hours of a spa. Many chemicals and particles get added to the outgoing water. Make sure that the water being used is clean and the outgoing water is appropriately disposed of. Moreover, be careful of the types of chemicals you use and check their compatibility with water and the overall environment.

Hiring specialized spa attendants that solely undertake sanitization duties is an incredibly time-efficient and effective way to keep cleanliness in check. The help will also assist beauty specialists in the spa to entirely focus on their work and take clients with shorter breaks in between while the cleaning team sanitizes the room. The general duties of hygiene specialists may include appropriately draining the water, cleaning all tools, and disinfecting the entire space.

In terms of disinfecting products, use products that kill the resistant bacterium that isn’t killed by regular solutions. Discard all disposable components since they cannot be disinfected and follow all directions provided on disinfectant products to ensure your personal safety.


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