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Posted on 06/23/2022 in Category 1

Streams after 10th: the benefits of choosing commerce

Streams after 10th: the benefits of choosing commerce

Long gone are the days when commerce was just an alternative to science. Nowadays, it has gained equal popularity and has a great scope in the future. Are you planning to choose this stream after grade X? Here are the benefits of choosing commerce that will strengthen your decision.

What is commerce?

Commerce is an explained study of business and marketing. These activities are based on exchanging services, objects, and commodities with the end consumer/customer. The main focus is on everything where the monetary value is involved and a business is concerned. The subjects you will study in it include economics, accounts, commerce, etc.  

The benefits of choosing commerce after class X

There you go; finally, the section you all came for in this article is here. Please read the benefits of choosing commerce after the 10th and decide for yourself whether you wish to select this stream or not.

  • Perhaps the most significant benefit of choosing commerce after 10th is choosing between various undergraduate paths such as CA, MBA, and HR.
  • Commerce teaches you to financially live your life, especially when you have a tight budget. The stream teaches you how to manage your money.
  • You will also learn and probably master investment knowledge. While studying, you will understand where to invest your money to multiply it. The advice here is that you should choose FDs, mutual funds, or the share market in the beginning. But you will know better via the commerce stream.
  • You can choose between two pathways, i.e., commerce with math or commerce without math. You also can opt out of mathematics as a career path if you wish to, as it hardly influences anything.
  • It is the best option for you if you are passionate about numbers and analyzing data.
  • The subjects require less time to study, meaning you can also give time to your hobbies and competitive activities.
  • The knowledge of taxes is something that you won’t obtain with any other stream such as science. Other students need to find this information on search engines, but you will learn it in school as a commerce student. You will discover the phenomena in detail and know-how you should progress. You can plan your income and savings in such a way that will reduce your tax liability.
  • Another benefit of choosing the commerce stream is that its students don’t need expensive coaching to study the subjects, unlike science or arts students.
  • You can pursue various highest-paying careers after school in the commerce stream.

Career opportunities after the commerce stream

Here are some of the promising careers after commerce in school.

MBA: It’s a professional degree program that gives you a job opportunity immediately after graduation. The course is about the management sector, which needs management and leadership skills.   

CA: The degree provides the talent and knowledge to manage the business world by becoming a professional. It consists of practical experience and professional studies.

Company secretary: You will learn about company finances, legal, accounts, administration, etc. You can work as a company advisor, work in a bank, finance firm, etc.    

See, there are so many benefits of the commerce stream. Are you looking for the Best RBSE school for commerce? Ideal Education Point (New Choudhary School) is recommended. The school teaches students the latest and updated commerce syllabus for their bright future in the industry.          

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