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Posted on 11/30/2021 in Category 2

Rules For Traveling to Belgium in 2021

Rules For Traveling to Belgium in 2021

Belgium is a famous tourist place and is also known as the heart of Europe. Visitors can experience numerous cultural events in the summers there. It may be a small nation, but it has many things to explore. Tourists have fun on the beaches, sightseeing, cultural events, festivals, 30 unrivaled museums, and more. Keeping that in mind, here are the new guidelines for tourists wanting to visit Belgium in 2021.

Who is allowed to visit Belgium without quarantine?

Citizens who are completely vaccinated from EU countries with any one of the European medicines company authorized vaccines listed below are allowed to visit Belgium.

  • Moderna.
  • AstraZeneca.
  • Pfizer.
  • Janssen.
  • CoviShield.

Visitors must show their vaccination certificates upon entry, and they will be allowed to travel in Belgium without isolation. In addition, the list contains CoviSheild, an Indian vaccine, so Indians dosed with it can also roam in Belgium without isolation.

Significant needs for a quarantine-free visit to Belgium

For a quarantine-free entry, one must show these certificates to the appropriate authorities of Belgium.

  • Proof of vaccination.
  • Recovery certificate no older than 180 days.
  • Corona test certificate having a negative result.

Belgium color-coded system for countries

Belgium has created a color-coded system based on the information that it got from the European center for disease prevention and control, aka ECDC.

  • Green countries have no risk of infection, and their residents have little to no entry restrictions.
  • Orange countries have a mild risk of infection, and their locals are free of quarantine and testing restrictions.
  • Red nations have a high risk of infection, and their citizens must give vaccination certificates, recovery certificates, and negative corona certificates.
  • Very high-risk nations have a very high risk of infection, and tourists from such countries have the same rules as red countries.

Rules to follow when traveling to Belgium: - according to the Belgian authorities, travelers must follow specific rules. First, they need to fill the passenger locator form within two days before their flight lands in Belgium. However, there are particular exceptions to this rule. People who come under these don’t need to fill the PLF form.

  • They are staying in the country for under two days.
  • They have come for a short visit in under two days.
  • They visited Belgium via boat or flight.
  • They visited Belgium via train or bus from outside the EU or a Schengen area.
  • They entered Belgium from a nation with strict testing and quarantine rules.

Belgium’s vaccination passport: - Belgium successfully joined the EUDCC gateway last month. It now issues the vaccination passport a month before the given deadline. The EU digital COVID-19 vaccination passport is available in digital and paper formats. It contains the visitors’ vaccination report with a QR code. It is issued to allow safe travels across Europe mid-pandemic.  

Travel Insurance Policy: - Visitors are strongly advised to buy travel insurance as it helps them get a flight refund if it was canceled due to corona. An economical solution is to purchase insurance from AXA assistance or Europ assistance. 

Vaccination in Belgium: - According to the latest news, 67.06% of the Belgian population has got the first dose of vaccine, and 46.05 percent of citizens are entirely protected. However, the country is still organizing vaccination camps for its people’s safety.     

Now that Belgium is also allowing travel, people may want to visit the country. HS Consultants Education & Migration has experienced Visitor Visa Consultant for Europe who can help them get their visa application approved smoothly and with all the new guidelines of Belgium.

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