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Posted on 11/20/2020 in Category 1

Paint a Room without Making a Mess

Paint a Room without Making a Mess

On many occasions, it is necessary to pass a coat of paint in some area of our home. Either because the paint has aged, is chipping, or because you simply want to give new life to a section of your home. 

Surely it happens to you, like many, that it becomes real chaos when doing such work. But in this post we will give you a series of guidelines and tips that will be very useful to you, you can avoid that the furniture, floor and even other areas of your house end up with splashes.

Nothing more tedious than going around the house, after being exhausted by the painting work, removing stains on the floor. They can be difficult to remove or will surely require additional measures to use chemical substances, for example, to remove them.

The first thing you should do is remove everything you can from the room you are going to paint, such as furniture, paintings, decorative elements that are easy to move. Once this is done, the second thing you should do is cover the areas near the wall with plastic or paper, which are the most prone to splashing. 

These plastic sheets must be fixed with an adhesive that is strong enough so that it does not lose its adhesion power. Make sure that everything is properly covered, do not miss covering the area of the sockets. This last element is important since once stained it will be quite cumbersome to remove excess paint.

For the areas that are very small or that are related to a corner or curve, you can help yourself with a cardboard strip and adhesive to fix it. This way you will not exceed the sector you really want to paint.

Some experts recommend the use of an eraser, which you should place in the lower segment of the paint tray that covers up to the top of it, which will be the area that remains open. It is a fairly simple and practical method that will help you avoid dripping and excess paint on the brush.

This technique will not only prevent dripping from the brush, but it will prevent paint from spreading around the edges of the paint pot. Another recommendation would be to place the paint pot inside a cardboard box and this should be on newspaper, so when reloading the brush nothing will fall on the floor