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Our drain unblocking techniques

Our drain unblocking techniques

Our drain unblocking techniques

Our engineers are equipped with a variety of tools and equipment to unblock drains.

  1. High-pressure drain jetting equipment

These machines can break up any material that is causing blockages. This equipment is limited in its ability to break up secondary (external), pipework. It could cause damage to the primary pipework within a property.

  1. Electro-mechanical 'sani-snakes'

These machines have electric motors that allow engineers to push flexible, rotating cables into pipes. They can push through all types of blockages, Roof Survey  including fat and scale. They can be carried around and used to unblock internal primary drainage pipes.

  1. Drain rods

Traditional rods still work well to unblock external and secondary (internal), pipework. Attach sections of flexible, strong rods together and push them into the drain by hand. Depending on the type of blockage, you can attach a variety of attachments to the drain.

  1. Coring machine

A more powerful machine is required for more difficult unblocking tasks, such as scaling buildup. A coring machine is capable of removing blockages from pipes up to 150mm in diameter. It does exactly what it says: it cores the blockage to allow the drain to flow again.

  1. Drain cameras

If the location or cause of a blocked drain proves difficult to identify, CCTV camera equipment can be used. This equipment can be used to identify and document any drainage network defects that may be causing the blockage. This equipment can detect if tree roots have penetrated a pipe that is cracked.

Customers can also see if their blockages are cleared by using cameras.

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