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Posted on 08/07/2020 in Category 1

Mother’s Little Helper: Tamper Resistant Receptacles

Mother’s Little Helper: Tamper Resistant Receptacles

Childproofing your home is now easier than ever thanks to new tamper resistant receptacle (TRR) technology.

"Tamper resistant receptacles (TRRs) provide a simple, permanent solution for protecting children from shock and burn injuries by preventing insertion of foreign objects into electrical outlets," explains ESFI president Brett Brenner.

TRRs replace standard wall outlets and may appear identical on the outside, but they have a built-in shutter system that keeps hairpins, keys, paper clips and the like from being inserted into the slots. The shutter system still allows plugs to be inserted and removed as usual when equal pressure is simultaneously applied to both sides of the receptacle.

TRRs have proven to be so effective that the 2011 National Electrical Code (NEC) requires installation of TRRs in all new homes. Owners of existing homes can also benefit from TRR protection by simply replacing standard outlets with TRRs.

TRRs should always be installed by a licensed, qualified electrician, following the same installation guidelines that apply to standard receptacles.

Other ways to protect your family from electrical hazards include reminding kids to keep liquids, even drinks, away from electrical items such as televisions, video game consoles, and computers. Teach them never to play with electrical cords or light sockets and to unplug an appliance by grasping the plug itself – not the cord.

"I encourage families everywhere to give Mom the gift of safety this Mother’s Day. Take a few minutes to check your home for potential electrical hazards and correct them. Most electrical fires and incidents are preventable," notes Brenner.

To learn more ways to stay safe at home, visit ESFI’s Virtual Home at
 The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) sponsors National Electrical Safety Month each May to increase public awareness of the electrical hazards around us at home, work, school, and play. ESFI is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to promoting electrical safety. For more information about ESFI and National Electrical Safety Month, visit www.electrical-safety.org.

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