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Posted on 11/09/2020 in Category 1

Know about the teacup puppies and why you should get one

Know about the teacup puppies and why you should get one

From various celebrity photos to youtube videos, it seems that teacup puppies are the most adorable dogs worldwide. These are cute pets you might wonder if they grow into an adult? Or do they make pets for all puppy lovers? 

We will take a step back from the teacup puppies cuteness and find out about this seemingly adorable breed. Let us learn more about the teacup puppies, their personality, misconceptions about them, and reasons to adopt one today! 

The Teacup Breed

The teacup breed is not just a breed but a name that implies several dog breeds that deals characterized by below-average sizes. Some of them are Pomeranians and Chihuahuas. 

There is a criterion set for qualifications that consider a breed as a teacup. For American Kennel Club standards, teacup puppies are toy puppies when their weight is around two to five pounds and height not exceeding 17 inches when reaching adulthood.

Teacup puppies are also considered as toy breed as it also includes dogs that weigh 15 pounds or less. However, buyers need to know that the name of the teacup is not an official name. It is to describe smaller than average dogs to get the attention of people. 

Why Should You Get One

Teacup puppies can be fragile and can get unexpected health issues like every other breed, so don’t change your mind with negative perceptions. These puppies are still dogs and are capable of giving love, especially to those who are fully aware of how you should take care of them.

Are you interested to know more about them? Paws & Whiskers is the right platform to attain all the crucial information that you want before you buy a teacup puppy. We have pet accessories to make your pets live comfortably. Our blog section can guide you about the tips and tricks that you can find it useful.  

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