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Posted on 10/27/2022 in Category 1

Is U Part Wig Or V Part Wig Better

Is U Part Wig Or V Part Wig Better

Recently, two similar gel-free wigs have attracted the attention of many wig lovers. They are U-part wigs and V-part wigs.

Both kinds of wigs are beautiful and can give you a natural and gel-free appearance. But they are also different. Knowing their differences, you can better choose the wig that suits you.

In this blog, you will learn about:

  1. What is U-part wig?
  2. The features of U-part wig  
  3. What is V-part wig?
  4. The features of V-part wig  
  5. Similarities between V-part wigs and U-part wigs  
  6. Differences between U-part wigs and V-part wigs  
  7. Which one is better?  
  8. Final thoughts

What is U-part wig?

A U-part wig refers to a wig without lace and glue with a U-shaped hole on the top side of the wig. It allows you to expose part of your natural hair and mix it with the wig hair to look more natural.

High-quality U-part wigs are all made of 100% virgin human hair, which can blend well with your natural hair and is very natural.

The features of U-part wigs

  1. U-shaped opening in front of wig
  2. Put your hair in a big space.
  3. Easy to wear
  4. No glue, no lace, protection and ventilation.
  5. Mix well with your own hair
  6. Low maintenance
  7. Protective to your natural hair
  8. Low maintenance  
  9. Save time  
  10. Natural hairline and hair look

What is a V-part wig?

V-shaped wig A lace-free wig with a V-shaped opening at the top. The installation is glue-free, and it is very convenient. It can be completed with a hairpin and an adjusting belt. This V-shaped opening helps to form a more natural hairline. You can mix your natural hair with wig hair to create the most natural hair look.

The features of the V-part wigs

  1. Breathable
  2. No lace, no corn kernels.
  3. No glue installation
  4. Blend with your natural hair
  5. Natural hairstyle
  6. Novice friendly
  7. V-shaped opening at the front of wig
  8. Low maintenance wig
  9. Budget friendly

Similarities between V-part wigs and U-part wigs

1. Hair materials

High-quality V-part wigs and U-part wigs are made of 100%virgin human hair.

2. Structure of wig cap

High-quality U-part wigs and elastic wig caps of U-part wigs are made by machines, durable and breathable. Hairpins and adjustable straps are arranged in the wigs, which can help to fix the wigs.

3. Types of wigs

Both wigs are lace-free wigs and they can be installed quickly and simply without glue.

4. Mix with natural hair well

Both of these stimuli can be mixed with your natural hair to create a natural hair appearance, make your hair breathe better, and facilitate your natural hair growth.

5. The price is reasonable

The wigs of these two wigs are not expensive. They are all lace-free wigs made by machines. The wigs are relatively low in cost, very affordable and very friendly to your budget.

6. Save time

Compared with other wigs, these two wigs can save you a lot of installation time, and you can even complete the installation in 5 minutes. It is also very convenient to take off without cleaning the glue.

7. Maintenance

These two wigs are low-maintenance wigs, so you can maintain them easily and quickly. Because you don’t have to deal with glue, you can save a lot of maintenance time and expense.

8. Protect your natural hair

Both U-part wigs and V-part wigs can protect your hair from some external pollutants or ultraviolet rays, and make your hair healthier. And since they are installed without glue, you can also protect your hair from skin irritation and damage caused by glue.

Differences between U-part wigs and V-part wigs

U-part wigs VS V-part wigsU-part wigs V-part wigs
Open shapesU-shapedV-shaped
Air permeability  BetterLess
 Creating hairlinesMore hairLess
Showing your natural hairMoreless
Covering hair defectsLess          Better
Suitable wearers The wearers who have enough natural hairAlmost everyone

1. Different shapes of openings

The most significant difference between them is the shape of their openings, one is a U-shaped opening and the other is a V-shaped opening.

2. Different air permeability

U-part wigs has better air permeability than V-part wigs because the opening of U-part is larger. Your natural hair can get more space to breathe and relax.

3. The difference in creating hairlines

U-wigs need more hair to form a natural hairline, compared with V-part wigs.

4. The difference in showing your natural hair

U-part can show more of your natural hair, but V-part can’t show a lot of your natural hair.

5. The differences in suitable wearers

V-part wigs does not require the wearer to have good natural hair, and is suitable for almost all women. U-part wigs requires the wearer to have enough natural hair to support the overall natural appearance.

6. The difference of covering hair defects

V-part wigs can better cover up the defects on your head than U-part wigs.

7. The difference in price

The price of V-part wigs is more expensive than that of U-part because more hair cap materials and hair materials are used.

8. The difference in installing

Compared with U-part wigs, the installation of V-part wigs is simpler, and you can easily build your hairline.

Which one is better?

  • You can choose V-part wigs if your natural hair is not enough or beautiful. V-part wigs can be installed with very little natural hair to create your appearance.
  • You can choose V-part wigs. If you pursue the simplest and fastest installation, V-part wigs is a little simpler than U-part wigs in installation.
  • If you pursue the most natural hair look and you have enough hair, you can choose U-part wigs to show more hair and create a more natural look.
  • You can choose U-part wigs. If your budget is tight, in fact, these two wigs are not expensive. You can buy them according to your specific situation.
  • You can choose U-part wigs if you want the most breathable feeling.

Final thoughts

All U/V-part wigs are 100% virgin human hair of 10A quality in our hair shop. The human hair wigs are durable and easy to maintain. They have less tangles and sheds than synthetic hair. You can get different hairstyles of U/V-part wigs in our hair shop with big discounts in our promotion. Welcome for your coming and trying.

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