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Posted on 12/14/2021 in Category 2

Is it necessary to have a knee replacement?

Is it necessary to have a knee replacement?

If you're having trouble walking or getting out of a chair and can't keep up with your regular activities, you might wonder: Should I consider knee replacement surgery?

Every year, a considerable number of individuals around the world have the procedure. And the majority of them experience significant pain relief and are able to return to their normal lives. Is this to say that everyone with a knee condition needs surgery?

"Knee replacement surgery isn't the same as changing a tire." It's a serious treatment that should only be done if you have structural damage to your knee cartilage. On a weight-bearing X-ray of your knee, it must be visible. If your knee hurts when you walk or go up and downstairs, and it's making it difficult to get through your daily routine, it might be time for surgery. Another symptom is that your knee hurts at night or even when you're lying down.

Other treatments are usually ineffective at this point. Exercises for the knee and on-and-off pain medication are the first steps. Pain relievers should not be used on a daily basis since they can harm the kidneys and the mucosa of the stomach. It is preferable to avoid using medications on a regular basis. If you have a deformity in your knees that is worsening over time, along with pain and visible damage to your cartilage, you should accept Total Knee Replacement surgery as recommended by your surgeon (or) you may select us for Knee Replacement Surgery in Trivandrum.

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