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Posted on 11/30/2022 in Category 1

Important Consideration for choosing a web server Library

For multiple IoT (Internet of Things) applications, the essential thing is to embed a WebSocket / HTTP server on the device. This thing makes the job complete. However, this step often becomes more affordable, simpler and faster. To do so, choosing a vital web server is undoubtedly a problematic task. Therefore, we will discuss only a few essential factors when selecting a web server library.

What Is The Need For a Web Server 

To know what a web server is, you should first understand if a web-embedded server can be a suitable alternative to create a complete IoT infrastructure. Well, it is entirely dependent on the factor of what you want to achieve from it.

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So, a web server performs various tasks like serving the web GUI over devices, RPC, implementing RESTful services, managing telemetry data sharing with other functionalities and WebSocket asynchronous communication. To perform these tasks, it has to be plugged in and played for the developers. It does this job by using existing code and including more code lines to integrate it over the existing products.

The web server can resolve users' demand for remote access by making the dashboard server. It enables predictive maintenance, monitors over one to numerous levels via the RESTful API server app, and provides server-side and real-time data push via WebSocket functionality.

Hence, the embedded server works for several financial and complex development apps.

Selecting A Right Web Server Library 
So, in the market, you will easily find numerous solutions. On Wikipedia only, you can find more than 30 solutions and can make comparisons. So, it is one step, and now, you should check for the web servers which possess all the required technical capabilities. After checking that, measure these capabilities with the decision-making aspects mentioned below.

  • Consider Size – When selecting the correct web server library, you must consider the size of the solution you are considering switching. It is because here you will integrate your current solution. Hence, it would be best if you had a more lightweight and compact solution that would give more space for a manoeuvre.
  • Security Aspect – The solution you plan to use should have SSL/TLS and an effective authentication mechanism, especially if its units have to be accessed remotely.
  • Maturity & Stability – Choose a solution that your associates or other team members can trust and should be there for the time being. For this purpose, check out various communities like GitHub and see the range of projects getting updated.
  • Platform agnostic – Go with a solution which should be platform agnostic. It is because if, in present or future, you need to move and develop eCos, Windows, Linus/Unix, macOS or other things to take into the space of applications with Android or iPhone. The selected solution will allow you to do so.
  • Modesty – Go with a web server library which is easily integrated by simply pasting code and adding a few code lines. Selecting a vendor should turn things easier for you.
  • Transparency – Transparency is essential to choosing the correct web server library. So, check the clarity while searching out an embedding API. Logically, the source has to be written in a single file as it makes embedding easier.
  • Licensing – Check out the precise and accurate pricing that suits your requirements. Therefore, it is wise, to begin with, an open-source product as it allows you to test for free, and when you feel prepared, you can move for a commercial license. The commercial license shows that the product is fully updated and maintained regularly, and an active company is behind it. Hence, it increases the reliability of the product. Practically, you should go with a vendor who knows the worth of the project size while suggesting the price as he considers if you use the solution for a single product, a complete product line, or others.
  • Support – You should go for a solution that should be straightforward and simple. Therefore, practically you would not require any help. However, if you are on the first generation of your product, the support structure becomes quite comforting and ensures a smooth movement of the project forward.

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These are a few essential aspects you should remember while selecting a web server library for your embedded application or project.

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