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Posted on 09/26/2022 in Category 1

How To Choose The Best Wig Length

How To Choose The Best Wig Length

There are more and more wigs in the market. When people buy wigs, they often encounter the problem of choosing the best wig length. It is very important to choose the best length wig. Only the right length will give you a natural and beautiful appearance. How to choose the best wig length that suits you best? It’s related to many factors, such as wig shape, wig density, your face shape, your preferences, your body shape and your budget, etc. You will get more helpful knowledge about how to choose the best wig length in the next blog.

What Is wig length?

The length of a wig refers to the length from the hair root at the top of the wig to the end of the hair. If you have straight hair, you can directly measure the correct result. If it is a curly wig, you need to straighten your hair and then measure it. Usually, wigs will be from 8inch to 30inch, and you can have all kinds of wig styles in this length range.

How to measure the wig length?

Wigs come in different lengths. The length of a wig is the length of the hair from the top of the head to where it falls. For straight hair, it’s easy to understand. The length of wig is the length of hair on the hair straightening unit.

For curly hair and wavy wigs, you need to straighten your hair to get an accurate size. This is because curly texture makes hair look shorter than its actual length.

The Wig length category

  • Short

Short hair usually refers to the length of hair from under the ear to the chin, usually 6-12 inches, such as short bob wigs.

  • Medium

Medium-length hair is usually located between the shoulders and armpits, and is usually considered to be 14-22 inches, such as medium length wigs and shoulder length wigs.

  • Long

Wigs with hair reaching the armpit or longer are considered as long hair, usually 24in inches to longer, such as long hair wigs

How to choose the best length

  • 1. Different hairstyles 
  • Different hairstyles are different when choosing the length. The length of the wig appearance you want to achieve is related to the actual length of the wig hairstyle.

    • Straight hair
  • The appearance length of a straight wig is the same as its actual length. When you choose the desired appearance length, you can directly use the desired length to choose the length of the wig.

    • Wavy hair
  • For wavy hair, the hair looks slightly shorter than the actual length because its hair texture is curved. Therefore, a 12-inch shoulder long hair may look about 11 inches long. If you want a 12-inch wavy appearance length, you should choose a 14-inch wavy hair.

    • Curly hair
  • The appearance length of a curly wig is usually 2 inches shorter than the actual hair length. This is because the whole length of hair has deep curls. When choosing the length of wig, you should choose 2 inches more in order to achieve the desired appearance length.

  • 2. Select the density of the wig
  • You can determine the length you want according to the hair density. Generally speaking, longer hair should have higher density, because this can make the wig look fuller and thicker.

    So if you want a very plump wig, you can choose long hair to better match and show your fullness. If you choose short hair, you often can’t have a particularly beautiful and plump wig appearance, because it will look bloated and unnatural.

  • 3. Choose the suitable heights
  • Our hair length should match our height to achieve a natural balance.

    1. If you are petite, a long wig can make you look shorter, while a short bob wig can make you look taller.
    2. Similarly, if you are tall, short wigs may make you look taller, while medium or long hair can offset your height and make you look more natural.
  • 4. Choose the suitable face shapes
  • When choosing wig length, your face shape is an important consideration. You should try to choose the length that suits your face.

    1. For square-faced women, you are more suitable for short wigs.
    2. For women with diamond face, you are more suitable for medium-length curly hair or wavy wig, which will look better.
    3. If you have a round face, you are more suitable for long hair, which will make your face look slimmer.
    4. If you have an oval face, you are suitable for wigs of all lengths.
  • 5. According to one’s own preferences
  • You can also choose the wig length you like. There are no specific rules for every woman to follow when choosing her favorite wig, which largely depends on your personal preference.

  • 6. Different lifestyle
  • If you often do sports and sweat, you can choose short hair wig, which is more breathable, convenient to wear and maintain, and saves time.

  • 7. High or low maintenance
  • If you are very concerned about the low maintenance of wigs, you can choose short wigs, which are lower maintenance wigs instead of long hair.

  • 8. According to your budget
  • Usually, the longer the hair length, the higher the price of wig.

    If your budget is tight, you can choose short or medium wigs. If your budget is adequate, you can choose any length of wig.

    Final reminder

    The suitable wig length and texture can make you look gorgeous and elegant. I hope this guide can help you find out the best hair length for you.

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