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Posted on 01/07/2021 in Category 1

How to Breathe EZ in this Winter with Truox

How to Breathe EZ in this Winter with Truox

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For a lot of pool owners, the winter means the off-season. A time to decompress, make a plan for when the weather gets warmer, and assess how the summer season went. But for all the indoor aquatic facility owners, this is your time to shine. The swimmers want to get in the pool, but it’s gotten too cold outside. You are the one that gives them that opportunity to splash around, to get their laps in. But with the guidelines on cleanliness ever-changing, you need to stay on top of your indoor pool Treatment with maintenance now more than ever.

That’s where the Breathe EZ system from Truox comes in. This one of a kind machine can take the stress of maintaining your indoor pool’s air and water quality away so you can focus on cleaning other areas of your pool. In a study done by the CDC as well as Purdue and Michigan State University, the Breathe EZ virtually eliminated the disinfection byproduct concentration in an indoor pool on the same day it was implemented. Read more These disinfection byproducts...

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