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Posted on 04/07/2021 in Category 1

How to be a Good Salon Receptionist

How to be a Good Salon Receptionist

Every time a client goes to the salon, the first communication is with the person sitting at the front desk. Being greeted with a cheerful and smiling face can only enhance the whole experience. No one likes to go to the salon, only to be greeted by a sullen and expressionless receptionist.



Use it when greeting a customer's name, use words like please and thank you, help unsuspecting customers understand your services, sincerely praise you, work on multitasking and keep smiling. It is in the hands of a salon receptionist to attract new clients, improve client loyalty, increase client spend and boost retail sales. While the role of a salon receptionist is vital to the salon business, here are few tips that will go a long way in ensuring top-notch client service.



Body language :

Positive looks are the kind of body language you can use. Be aware of what you are saying when communicating with new and regular customers. Choose your words wisely. Don't say something you shouldn't say. Set a tone for your voice and pay attention to non-verbal body language like posture. Whether you are sitting or standing, keep an upright posture.


Organizational Skills:

In addition to being always beautiful and smiling, a great receptionist is one who has excellent organizational skills. The way you can maintain rent points and organization within the salon to promote your brand, if you have great managerial skills, your boss will praise you. In order to keep track of appointments, the salon should implement salon scheduling software. Gone are the days when a salon receptionist would maintain an appointment register. With such a system, the likelihood of human error is significantly reduced. It simplifies the process of making. Too many sheets of paper can make the front desk ugly. Thus, its high time salons eliminate clutter and maintain a clean and tidy system.


Wear your brand in your sleeve: a uniform creates a sense of discipline in your staff. When it is mandatory for stylists to wear uniforms, give them to your salon receptionist as well. If a customer needs help, they know who to go to. It creates an identity and also promotes your brand.


Go an Extra Mile: 

A great receptionist at a salon is one who is willing to go the extra mile. Use the client's name when greeting him, use words like please and thank you, help unsuspecting customers understand your services, give sincere praise, work on multitasking and keep smiling.


Beware of the services your salon offers: 

Once the salon hires a receptionist, it will be the duty of the manager or head to adequately train the receptionist. A person without a key at the front desk can leave the client irritated. Give your receptionist a thorough understanding of the type of services and prices you provide. Once they are well acquainted with all the services, they will also be able to offer mini-consultations to walk-in customers.


Phone etiquette: 

As a salon receptionist, you will get a phone ring later.


Be humble. 

Answer the phone calmly and amicably, and ask the caller how you can help them. No matter how busy you are, never let it get reflected in your voice. When scheduling an appointment or receiving a message, be sure to include the client's name and number. To stay on the safe side, read the number back.


Smile when you say goodbye:

In a busy spa, it is very easy to take their payment then move quickly towards the person in the queue.


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