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Posted on 04/17/2021 in Category 1

History of Heated Floors

History of Heated Floors

Although heated floors are quite common nowadays, they felt like a futuristic invention before the turn of the millennium. However, there is evidence that heated floors reverted to Korea and China all the way back to 5000 BCE.

People will use basic systems where they place flues under the earth floor and are attached to a chimney. Hot air travels through the flow and heats the floor, simultaneously creating radiant heat for the room.

Years later, the Romans used a system they called hypocaust. The system was similar to China and Korea, where they heated their floors, houses, and baths using hot air from a chimney that traveled through pillars and flues.

In the 17th century, Europeans used heated floors to heat their greenhouses before hot water boilers were invented. By 1790, people in England started using pipes to carry hot water, providing them with faster heat.

Fast forward to the 1900s - a British professor, Arthur Baker, created a more effective heating system, where he placed small pipes in concrete to carry hot water, allowing the room to heat up more quickly.

From there, the popularity of radiant floor heating has gradually increased in North America. However, the introduction of electric radiant heating created a boom in the industry, and is one of the more preferred types of heating options for homes.

As technologies progress, choose what should be used as the 'thermal mass'. Thermal mass is the material used to encase hydronic tubing, and conduct heat to your living space. Using the appropriate product as Mass Thermal Mass is important in ensuring that your in-floor radiant heating system is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. Arcosa's AccuRadiant® is last inserted into the space below the cement floor. Typically installed at 1 thick ”thick, AccuRadiant® is specifically designed for radiant floor heating systems for uniformly transferred heat and quick response times.

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