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Posted on 05/17/2023 in Category 1

Get Personalized Fitness Tips with Our Body Type Calculator

Get Personalized Fitness Tips with Our Body Type Calculator

AllCalculator.net Body Type Calculator is the best tool to determine your body shape and customize fitness tips by considering your body shape.

The Body Type Calculator uses the Waist hip ratio of a person and determines the body shape. Now some body shapes are associated with health risks. It is crucial to take some necessary steps in terms of fitness to avoid any health risks. 

The Waist Hip Ratio is simply the ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference. The value is calculated by dividing the hip value by the waist value. The waist-hip ratio lies between 34/40 and 0.85. As per research, people who weigh more around their waist or are in the apple-shaped body type. These body types are in more critical condition than people who weigh more around their hip portion.

According to NIDDK, women with 0.8 WHR or more and men with 1.0 or more WHR are in a dangerous situation regarding fat distribution in the body.

WHR is used to calculate or determine if a person is obese. The WHO stated that men with a WHR of 0.90 and above and women with a WHR of 0.85 are obese.

Obesity is an indication of various health-related issues like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and more. The WHR is preferred over BMI or waist circumference to determine if there is any cardiovascular disease associated with a person.

People in the Apple body shape or those with abdominal fat are considered major health risks. If the WHR is high, the abdominal fat is too much and can have potential health implications. Hence our Body Type Calculator will depict some personalized tips for you to reduce some weight and get in a more well-defined shape to avoid any health-related issues. Although it doesn't mean the body's shape is altered completely, there is a minute change. The Calculator considers various aspects and then defines if you are in any health-related issue or if the body type as per the measurements you input in the Calculator is correct.

For Femsles, the WHR is also correlated with fertility. Women with 0.80 and above have low pregnancy rates compared to those with a WHR of 0.70-0.74.

Now as there is various complication in terms of Apple's body shape, abdominal fat, or obese body types, the Body Type Calculator gives you personalize fitness tips in terms of diet and exercises that you can follow and get the WHR in the recommended range to avoid any health rated issue.

The WHR of a person is also related in terms of cognitive ability to measure the female's attractiveness and food relation in terms of diet.


AllCalculator.net Body Type Calculator is the best tool to understand your body type. Suppose your body measurements are outside the recommended range. In that case, the Calculator provides personalized fitness tips to avoid health-related complications.

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