Fleurs de CBD premium de haute qualité dans notre boutique CBD shop
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Fleurs de CBD premium de haute qualité dans notre boutique CBD shop

Fleurs de CBD premium de haute qualité dans notre boutique CBD shop

Fleurs de CBD chanvre de très haute qualité dans notre boutique CBD France. Découvrez notre large gamme de Fleurs indoor et outdoor.

The CBD flower comes from the hemp plant (or Cannabis Sativa L.). Sometimes confused with THC cannabis flower (Cannabis Indica) because of its appearance and smell, this one differs because it has no psychoactive effect and is 100% legal. Thus, the consumption of this substance does not cause any unpleasant hovering sensations . Containing less than 0.2% THC, the hemp flowers offered by Green Owl are legal for consumption and they would bring certain benefits.

Our flowers are available in many varieties such as Lemon Haze, Strawberry, Bubble Gum or Gelato. Thus, our range offers you a wide choice of tastes and aromas, different cannabidiol contents (more or less strong).

Online sale of 100% legal CBD flowers in France
Green Owl, specialist in legal cannabis products, offers you a wide range of CBD flowers at the best value for money, delivered within 48 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays).

What is CBD Flower?
Called CBD flower by abuse of language, it is actually a hemp bud, also nicknamed “cannabis head” or hemp flower. CBD or cannabidiol, a cannabinoid present in greater quantities, earned it its name. This cannabis light contains less than 0.2% THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, a prohibited psychotropic substance, so the purchase of CBD flower is legal.

If this plant is mainly used for the manufacture of ropes or canvas, the therapeutic virtues offered by CBD accelerate its cultivation and marketing.

Indica and Sativa: what’s the difference?
Our flowers are available in many varieties such as Lemon Haze, Strawberry, Bubble Gum or Gelato. Thus, our range offers you a wide choice of tastes and aromas, different cannabidiol contents (more or less strong).

How to consume CBD flower?
Cannabis flower can be consumed in different ways, which offer different effects:

Vaporization: it requires the use of a vaporizer. This technique consists of heating the CBD hemp flowers (well ground beforehand) in order to release the active substances. In this case, it will be cannabidiol and other cannabinoids contained in the flowers, such as CBG (cannabigerol).
Infusion: one of the most popular and easy to implement methods. You just need to bring hot water, a fatty substance (butter, whole milk, coconut oil, sesame, or even hemp seed oil, etc.) and your crumbled CBD flowers in a tea ball.
In the kitchen: CBD hemp flowers are generally used as a seasoning for your dishes. All you have to do is consult the books and other dedicated documents.
Can CBD flower be smoked?
It is indeed possible to smoke the CBD flower but this mode of consumption is not recommended. On the one hand, the high heat during combustion destroys most of the cannabinoids present in the flower, which reduces its effects. On the other hand, the combustion residues are harmful to the lungs as during the consumption of cigarettes.

How are CBD flowers grown?
Hemp plants are grown in different ways. There are three types of cultivation, outdoor cultivation (outdoors), indoor cultivation (indoors) or so-called green house cultivation (in greenhouses).

Outdoor: growing outdoors
Hemp plants grown outdoors (outdoor) benefit from a natural supply of sunlight, water and minerals and trace elements present in the soil. This type of culture gives hemp flowers with imperfect shapes, but which appeal to consumers who are concerned about turning to a healthy product. However, plants grown in this way are subject to pest attacks which can affect their performance.

Green house: greenhouse cultivation
Grown in a greenhouse, green house plants grow in natural soil, sheltered from bad weather. The flowers resulting from this method of cultivation are generally of very good quality with intense aromas.

Indoor: growing hemp indoors
Indoor cultivation is the favorite of informed consumers. The ambient CO2 level is much more concentrated there, which promotes the growth of the plants. They are also sheltered from bad weather or pests, which ensures excellent performance. These high quality flowers offer a high level of cannabidiol. In other words, hemp flowers grown indoors benefit from an optimal environment, giving them exquisite aromas.

Is it legal to buy CBD flowers?
In France, the industrial hemp plant and its seed are authorized, as long as the THC level of this variety of flowers does not exceed 0.2%. Only around twenty growers have the right to import CBD cannabis into France. The French state has chosen to regulate the purchase and sale of legal cannabis products and you will find more information by consulting article R.5132–86 of the Public Health Code. But it was not really until June 5, 2013, that the former Minister of Health, Marisol Touraine, authorized the sale of drugs containing cannabis extracts.

Namely that cannabidiol or CBD is a molecule of the cannabinoid family present in the marijuana plant, just like THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. On the other hand, CBD is not psychoactive, unlike THC, which is considered a narcotic. Taking CBD flower is legal as long as the THC level of this variety does not exceed 0.2%.

What is the best CBD flower?
For obvious health reasons, we have chosen to offer varieties of cannabidiol flowers that respect the standards of organic cultivation, guaranteed without pesticides and without GMOs. However, the legislation in force does not make it possible to obtain the “organic farming” label for hemp.

Compliance with the 2018 agriculture law in relation to cannabidiol is also one of our selection criteria. All this guarantees you varieties of quality CBD cannabis flowers that meet legal standards in France.

It is difficult to define the best CBD flower. Indeed, everything depends on the tastes of each, the desired effects and your budget.

Which CBD flower to choose?
Several criteria come into consideration when choosing the variety of flower to consume. Whether it is the cultivation method: indoor, outdoor or green house, the CBD level, the flavors or the terpene profile, it is up to everyone to test and taste the different hemp flowers to refine their tastes and make their choice. . We offer a wide range of flowers to cover all your wishes:

Powerful CBD flowers 
We are talking here about flowers with a high level of CBD. The White Widow CBD and Gorilla Glue CBD varieties are popular with cannabidiol enthusiasts. Likewise, flowers with a CBD pollen supplement such as Moonrock CBD (30% CBD content) or Ice Rock CBD which is soaked in CBD isolate and then coated with CBD crystals (CBD content of 80%) will delight lovers of intense relaxing effects.

Cheap hemp flowers
We have thought of all budgets and selected varieties of cannabis flowers at low prices.

Indeed, some consume large quantities of flowers and prefer inexpensive flowers.

Of these, Trim CBD is excellent value for money. Even though it is broken flowers, it offers a CBD level of 8% and an unbeatable price. If you prefer whole CBD cannabis buds, Cherry Pie and Super Skunk strains are some of the top sellers for an average CBD level of 6%.

Cannabidiol flowers in various flavors
In order to meet all your expectations, we have selected a wide range of flowers for all tastes:

Fruity flavors: Mango Haze or Strawberry CBD have, as their names suggest, tastes reminiscent of fruits.
Powerful flavors: the Sour diesel and its very pronounced sour aroma or the Cheese CBD offers atypical and original taste perspectives.
Citrus aromas: Lemon Haze or Orangello CBD.
What are the benefits of hemp flower?
CBD is a molecule known for its multiple effects on the body. Indeed, our flowers would have beneficial properties, especially with regard to stress and anxiety. Some studies claim that cannabidiol would activate and regulate the mechanisms responsible for these ailments, in order to promote relaxation and, at the same time, sleep.

In addition, cannabidiol would also have analgesic properties, promoting the proper management of pain and inflammation. Finally, this molecule could be useful against addictions, in particular to THC or even tobacco! In any case, CBD promotes relaxation and well-being.

Which CBD flower to choose for sleeping?
If CBD promotes relaxation and promotes sleep, CBG or cannabigerol is a cannabinoid to consider to improve sleep quality.

For effectiveness on sleep, we therefore recommend that you favor a flower with a high level of CBD and possibly mix it with a CBG flower in order to benefit from the joint effect of the two cannabinoids. According to consumer reviews, Sour Diesel Indoor with its 16% CBD content is a strain of choice for a good night’s sleep.

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