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Posted on 09/26/2020 in Category 1

Enhance your look with misty eyebrow embroidery Singapore

Enhance your look with misty eyebrow embroidery Singapore

Eyebrow plays an imperative role in improving a person's look generally as it supplements the face by drawing out the brilliant proportion of your highlights. Korean misty eyebrow embroidery Singapore is overwhelming the excellence field at present that is making thicker and straighter eyebrow with practically no curve. Cutting the ideal on-fleek eyebrow dominatingly relies on the facial structure and the extent of the highlights.

How long Korean Misty Embroidered Eyebrows lasts?

The semi-permanent Korean misty eyebrow embroidery Singapore usually lasts for two to three years. This procedure is performed by utilizing a small tool, a tattoo pen and the colour to compliment the skin tone. The eyebrows care embroidered using the weaving pen.  by keeping in mind the facial structure. 

How can you enhance your look with misty eyebrow embroidery Singapore?

Intensified Brows

Although the misty eyebrow embroidery Singapore process is painless and you feel like ant's bit, a numbing cream is applied to reduce even tad of agony. Then the latest embroidery machine is used to create flawless powdery stardust effect that results in semi-permanent misty eyebrows. The soft shading technique used for the procedure for perfect strokes. 

Desirable Eyebrow

After the process, you get an attractive set of eyebrows. It doesn't matter if you are dealing with fractured or unsatisfactory, light-coloured, and defected eyebrows, with the misty eyebrow embroidery Singapore procedure you will get natural eyebrows that accentuate your beautiful eyes. Therefore, adding magic to your beauty. 

Your expert for Intensified Eyebrows- IsabellaAesthetics

At Isabella Aesthetics, the eyebrow therapists firstly analyze the face structure, feature and design eyebrows that best suits your face. Our team understand that the eyebrows shape is to give you the best look. And with the latest misty eyebrow embroidery Singapore you don't have to worry about the reactions. 

So what are you waiting for?

Book an appointment now to discuss your requirements with our experts !!!

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