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Posted on 06/25/2021 in Category 1

Electronic Tasbeeh Counter

Electronic Tasbeeh Counter

Electronic tasbeeh counter is a dazzling and supportive application for the individuals who love to do tasbeeh and petition while using the android phone. It is genuinely easy to check the petition you are offering, and the application is incredibly sensible and near this present reality. Progressed counter tasbeeh is an unfathomable strategy to count your tesbihat with just single touch. The High level Tasbeeh counter application is arranged as a genuine counter tasbih that looks like a ring. The sound and vibration features of this mechanized tasbeeh give you the particular vibe of veritable mechanical tasbeeh. With the help of sound and vibration alerts, you can keep on counting your tasbeehat or requests without looking at your phone.

As a result of its tasbeeh limit incorporate, which grants you to draw a specific tasbeeh line, the Computerized tasbeeh counter application has 21 unmistakable tasbeeh body themes to pick your most adored tasbih dzikir counter. The best thing about this modernized tasbih is that when you close and return the application during the usage of the tasbeeh counter on the phone, the high level tasbih counter doesn't reset, so you can continue your tasbeeh where you left. You can eradicate your dhikr counter on the "Reset" button. The high level tasbeeh counter application interface is amazingly clear and straightforward, so everyone can without a doubt use this application. With the help of the disengaged zikr counter component, you can use the tasbih application wherever you need. It's incredibly simple to get essentially download automated tasbeeh counter application on the phone and experience its amazing features.

You can undoubtedly store your tasbihat with the Shrewd Zikirmatik application, which is intended to be by and large like the genuine zikirmatik utilized as a ring. The portable dhikrmatic rosary application that you can use for ALLAH's (c.c) names, Salat-ı Tefriciye and petition rosary records all your past dhikr.

With the Brilliant Zikirmatik application, you can leave your supplication dabs inadequate and afterward proceed with the last known point of interest. Regardless of whether you close the application, when you open it once more, the past dhikr number won't be erased from the screen, your dhikr might be erased when the "Reset" button is squeezed.

You can save your dhikr as date, dhikr name and dhikr number by squeezing the save button. Pocket zikirmatik application gives an admonition as vibration during dhikr, so you don't need to take a gander at the telephone screen during your supplication dabs. The Brilliant Zikirmatik application, which is planned precisely like the genuine zikirmatik, for the most part comprises of a counter, reset and save catches.

The application can make changes like visuality and vibration from the catches at the highest point of the screen; On the off chance that you wish, you can change the shades of the zikirmati and switch the zikirmatik application for cell phones to night mode, which gives less battery utilization. Totally free and web free zikirmatik application never shows ads during your dhikr.

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