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CaseBuy Case for Chromebook Laptop

CaseBuy Case for Chromebook Laptop

I bought a CaseBuy laptop case for my new Chromebook. This is a beautiful case. I chose a navy blue color. This laptop bag is slim, well-cushioned, easy to carry, and stain/spill resistant. The outside is water repellent nylon canvas, and the inside is lined with soft gray flannelette. It has both a handle and a shoulder strap that make it easy to carry. A Chromebook 15, which is 15.6-inches wide, fits into this case perfectly.

The case has zippered pockets, so if you wish to carry a mouse, mouse pad, paper, pen, and power cord along with the victsing mouse review , it will fit. So another great feature of this case is that you can easily carry the Chromebook and its accessories.

I love this new CaseBuy keyboard protector (also called keyboard skin or keyboard cover) for my Acer Chromebook 15.6-inch laptop. It is a thin silica gel film with the keys printed on it. I bought the one that is black, so that it looks just like my bare keyboard. The great thing is that it comes in many different colors, and it’s inexpensive enough to buy several.

This protector fits my Chromebook perfectly. I cannot tell that there is anything on the keys, it has a good feel and does not disturb my typing. I don’t even notice it. I love that it keeps my keyboard looking new and dust free. The letters won’t wear off the keys. And it is very easy to clean should it get dusty or grimy from use or even a splatter on it.

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