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Blake Lively Engagement Ring

Blake Lively Engagement Ring
  • Who Is Blake Lively?

Blake Lively was born on 25 August 1987 in Los Angeles, California. Blake Lively is an American actress known for her contemporary acting skills, and she won many worldwide awards and recognition. Blake Lively started her acting career at the age of 10 in 1998 in the English movie sandman.

In 2007 Blake Lively was featured in the Gossip Girl television series, and the series ended in 2012. In 2013, Blake Lively signed a film, The Age Of Adaline, earning $65.7 Million worldwide, and it was a blockbuster Hollywood film that year. In addition, she made her directorial debut in a music video. 

  • Beauty Of Blake Lively Engagement Ring

Blake Lively Engagement Ring is usually made in Oval Diamond Shank Accent that brides wear. But this Engagement Ring is not common. There's no doubt to say Ryan proposes to Lively with this combined diamond ring of bridal and engagement.

This Engagement Ring features a pink-colored oval shape diamond, and it is secured with gold prongs. While talking about Blake Lively Diamond Ring’s band, it’s typical to pave set band engraved with diamonds.

  • Can You Buy Blake Lively's Engagement Ring In Reality?

Yes, it is possible to buy Blake Lively Engagement Ring in reality. You said that a 2 million dollar ring is the most expensive if you’re employed. But we make for you a Blake Lively style engagement ring that you can give to your love. Yes, we made it in Oval Diamond Shank Accent Ring, which was worn by Blake Lively. Have a look at the appearance of the ring.

In this Oval Diamond Ring, VS and VVS Diamonds are used with excellent symmetry and cut grade. Thus, if you want a Pink Color Oval Diamond on this ring as Blake Lively Ring, then we also do that. You can also choose Rose gold and white gold metal for your love. In short, from Ouros Jewels you can make your own customized diamond ring within your budget.

We're the problem solvers, not an excuse givers. Experience our service and commitment towards you from placing an order.

In this Ring, a 1.00 CARAT Oval Lab Grown Diamond is fixed at the center place with the prongs grasp. Also, on the ring's gold shank, round shape diamonds are engraved for a gorgeous looking. In A Ring, Oval shape diamond has an E color grade and SI1 clarity grade.

While round cut diamonds have E color and VS1 clarity grade diamond. Most importantly, this ring is available for $1545. How cheap is this ring, right? So, why do you wait for more? Order your precious love symbolism ring from Ouros Jewels. Ouros Jewels assure you that you made another purchase from us after getting this precious-looking oval diamond shank accent ring.

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