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Posted on 07/21/2022 in Category 1

Benefits of the arts stream after 10th

Benefits of the arts stream after 10th

Due to the prejudiced minds of society to date, hardly any student chooses the arts stream after the 10th. Instead, most select science or commerce, overlooking or neglecting the benefits of the arts stream after 10th class. This article sheds light on the arts stream and why students should freely choose it if they wish to.

The arts stream: subjects and well-known fields

Here are some fundamental details to help you understand the stream better.


  • History.
  • Economics.
  • Geography.
  • Political science.
  • English.
  • Psychology.
  • Sociology.
  • Philosophy.
  • Music.
  • Human rights and gender studies.
  • Informatics Practices.
  • Public administration.
  • Home Science.
  • Legal studies.
  • Mass media studies.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Physical education.
  • Fine arts.
  • Fashion studies.
  • Hindi.
  • Regional language.

Well-known fields: 

  • Literary Arts: Poetry, creative writing, and script writing.
  • Subject-specific: Law, economics, geography, literature, history, sociology, philosophy, psychology, journalism, foreign language, mass communication, and physical education. 
  • Games/culinary arts: Animation, computer programming, game designing, graphic designing, and chef courses.
  • Performing arts: Dance, music, singing, theatre, and martial arts. Visual arts: Photography, painting, drawing, interior designing, and sculpture.

Benefits of choosing the arts stream after 10th class

If you wish to pick the arts stream after grade X but are confused as to whether it will benefit you or not, here are some bullet points that will clarify your doubt.

  • The main benefit of selecting the arts stream after 10th is that it offers various subjects to its students.
  • The fee structure is also affordable for the students.
  • There is less study burden in arts than in other streams.
  • You can easily prepare for civil services as most of its syllabus is covered in this stream.
  • A significant advantage of choosing it is that you don't need to take coaching or tuition classes as you can easily understand the subjects taught and revise at home.
  • The competition for careers is also less in this stream.
  • The arts stream consists of theoretical subjects, so you don't have to do any practice. However, please don't take it lightly as you will still learn a lot.
  • If you are interested in languages, histories, traditions, and cultures, the arts stream is the ideal pathway.
  • You will also learn, understand, and master morality, ethics, ideology, and political forces, which are crucial these days.
  • Students wishing to benefit society should choose arts after X as it promotes social security and justice in the community.
  • Arts has an equal scope to, if not more than, the other streams. Because now, there are numerous job opportunities available after studying it.
  • Your general political knowledge will also enhance while studying arts as you will understand the country's various rights and democracy levels.
  • Students also understand the various government policies and rules, which helps them develop the society, directly or indirectly.  

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