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3 Reasons The Approach to Healthy Living is Changing in 2021

3 Reasons The Approach to Healthy Living is Changing in 2021

2021 has seen a new approach to life in our new normal with wide reaching changes to working arrangements, government stimulus packages, international travel and relations and how we approach healthy ways of living. We can see trends focussing on self-care for mental health, simplified exercise regimes as traditional gyms struggle and we no longer view our health as just liking what we see in the mirror.


An increased focus on nutrition

An increase trend towards holistic practices has not only seen a shift towards healthier eating but the source of our foods as well. With many having extra time to cook and also moving to working from home, more and more became aware of the added benefits a balanced diet has on their mood and wellbeing. Additionally, as we look towards a more sustainable future the source of food is becoming increasingly important. Produce markets and vegetable co-ops are experiencing popular with people looking for local produce and a reduction in preservatives and chemicals in the food they eat. Restaurants and supermarkets are also doing their bit with an increased catering towards dietary requirements and offering of wholefoods in a sustainable setting. 


The Surgical Stigma Is Lifting

With many people showing increased acceptance across a whole number of social contexts the stigma around surgery is also lifting. Advanced in surgical practices and technology have made procedures less invasive and more cost effective. Newcastle Gastric Sleeve Surgery practitioners have seen an increase in clients electing for surgery as a way of addressing health issues and committing to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle 


People Simplifying their Exercise Regimes

2021 is the year of the home gym regime with many people ditching traditional gym settings to train at home. Online coaching and memberships offerings are increasing in their popularity as 2020 saw many people ditch crowded gyms for the solace of their own home or local park. Expensive equipment is being ditched for bodyweight workouts and an increased focus on mindfulness and mental health complimented by regular exercise. Many people are also enjoying a return to social environments with community sporting clubs and teams that not only allow people to reconnect with those around them but work on their fitness and physical wellbeing.

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