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Posted on 09/29/2022 in Category 1

1B Vs 2 Hair Color, What Is The Difference And How To Choose

1B Vs 2 Hair Color, What Is The Difference And How To Choose

Many people always consider the color of wigs when purchasing wigs, and there are two kinds of hair colors that are very confusing, that is, 1B hair color and #2 hair color. In this article, we will reveal what 1Bcolor is, what #2color is, their differences, and how to choose them.

What is 1B Hair Color?

Jet black hair, also known as #1, is not a natural hair color, but the blackest of all blacks.

The “b” in 1B means black. Compared with #1 jet black hair, 1B hair color is more natural, and it is considered to be the closest color of natural hair to black, usually gray and brown black hair. This is a softer tone.

What is #2 hair color?

The darkest shade of brown hair you can find is #2. It’s black from a distance, but you can see it’s brown from a closer look.

What’s the difference between color 1B color and #2 color?

1. Dark

1B Hair color is darker. As color 1B is natural black hair, color #2 is the darkest brown, so color 1B is

darker. However, this may not attract immediate attention.

2. Dye

People’s hair of color 1B is usually unprocessed, while hair of #2 is colored and looks even. Therefore, 1B people’s hair is usually easier to dye than pre-colored #2 hair.

3. Color change

1B color hair often has color changes, while #2 color hair does not.

1B Hair strands found in hair may include gray and light brown, while hair with two colors is usually dyed to form a uniform color.

How to choose 1B color or #2 Color

  • 1. Match your natural hair color.

    Observe your hair in bright sunshine. If your hair still looks black in strong light, choose 1B hair. If your hair is brown, use #2 color.

  • 2. Health

    Untreated hair extensions are the gold standard of hair quality, so pay close attention. Because Class 1B hair is naturally black, the possibility of being treated is very small, almost zero. Therefore, if you can choose between 1B and #2 colors of hair, 1B is the healthier choice.

  • 3. Styles and designs

    1B color hair can do more dying and do more styles than #2 hair color, since 1B color hair is usually un processed, while the #2 color hair has been dyed.

  • 4. Skin color

    If your skin is darker, dark hair will suit you better. So, if your skin is moderately dark, choose 1B. If your skin color is light, please choose color number 2.

  • 5. Tone

    #2 color hair is warmer than 1B color hair. If you are looking for warmer colors, you can choose #2 Color Hair. On the contrary, you can choose 1B color hair.

  • 6. A more natural appearance

    If you are after the most natural look, you should choose 1B color hair instead of #2color hair. #2 color hair is brighter and more fashionable.

  • 7. The quality of wig

    The highest quality human hair wigs and extensions are unprocessed and virgin. #2color hair is usually treated to create a uniform color. 1Bcolor hair color is usually raw. If you pursue the highest quality hair, you can choose 1B color.

  • 8. Wig life

    1B color hair usually lasts longer than #2 color wig, because 1B color wig is an unprocessed natural color.

How to color your hair 1B or #2 with semi-permanent dyes

  1. When dyeing hair with semi-permanent dyes, the following steps should be followed:
  2. Apply a layer of exfoliant to your hair and then comb it clean. You want your hair to be completely free of tangles.
  3. Shampoo your hair, then allow it to air dry. Don’t adjust your hair, because it will form a thin film on your hair, which may lead to uneven color.
  4. Put on gloves and put the newspaper on the floor to prevent the hair dye from dyeing it.
  5. Apply Vaseline to the hairline, ears and the skin below the nape of the neck. In this way, the color of hair won’t stain your skin.
  6. Divide the dry hair into several parts and apply the hair color to all the hairs.
  7. Wait about half an hour or the time on the hair dye package.
  8. Wash the hair dye from your hair and set it as usual.

Final reminder

Hope this article can help you. Now our shop has a variety of color wigs waiting for you to buy. They are all high quality 100% human wig in affordable prices.

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