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Posted on 12/08/2022 in Category 1

12 Pool Fencing Restrictions In Australia You Must Know

12 Pool Fencing Restrictions In Australia You Must Know

According to pool fencing Sydney experts, Australia has some of the most rigorous pool fencing regulations in the world. This is because it has one of the highest rates of drowning among children. To help protect children from the dangers associated with swimming pools, it has implemented some strict regulations for pool barriers. Knowing and understanding these restrictions is essential for anyone who owns or uses a pool in Australia.

The pool fence is a vital safety measure to ensure the safety of children and pets. As such, some restrictions and laws apply to pool fencing that all pool owners must be aware of. If you are a pool owner in Australia, it is important to be aware of the local pool fencing laws and regulations. Pool fencing restrictions vary from state to state, so you must familiarise yourself with the applicable regulations in your area.

Make use of this guide to the different pool fencing restrictions you need to know before installing a swimming pool in Australia.

1. Fencing must be at least 1200mm high, measured from the finished ground level on the outside of the fence, and must extend in an uninterrupted line with no gaps larger than 100mm apart. 

2. Temporary fences such as wire mesh must not be used as permanent barriers around pools; they may only be used temporarily while permanent barriers are being installed, maintained or replaced. 

3. The maximum gap between vertical bars can be no more than 10mm, measured in a straight line. 

4. All gates and doors giving access to the pool must be self-closing and self-latching from any angle of opening. 

5. The gate or door must open away from the pool area and be fitted with a latching device no lower than 1500mm above finished ground level on the inside of the gate or door. 

6. Gates and doors should also have no more than a 100mm gap between them when they are closed so that small objects cannot fit through. 

7. Climbable objects such as trees, chairs and tables must not be located within 900mm of the fence on either side, measured horizontally from the outside of the fence. 

8. The space between horizontal rails must not exceed 100mm, measured from the inside face of the fence to an object placed against it on the outside. 

9. Where a pool has more than one entrance, all entrances must be secured similarly and each entrance should also have its self-closing and self-latching device. 

10. If a pool is located within two metres of a boundary fence, then it will need extra protection such as gates or additional fencing that meets these requirements per Australian Standard AS 1926 - Swimming Pool Safety Part 3: Fencing for Swimming Pools published by SAI Global Limited Trading as Standards Australia International Ltd. 

11. If a pool is located above or below ground level, then the fence should be positioned further away from the edge of the pool to reduce any risk of a child falling in. 

12. There are also additional requirements for pools with removable ladders or steps, as well as portable and inflatable pools which may require other types of barriers such as swimming pool covers for when they are not in use. 

By understanding the pool fencing restrictions in Australia, you can set up a safe swimming environment for your family and friends. Make sure to carefully research all applicable regulations before investing in the construction of your pool so that it is compliant with legal requirements.  It’s also important to conduct regular inspections of your fence and have it repaired if necessary to ensure it remains compliant with local regulations. Taking this extra precaution will help keep young children out of harm’s way.

It’s also important to remember that each state or territory may have additional restrictions on pool fencing, so be sure to contact your local council for more information when considering building a swimming pool within your living space.

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