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Posted on 12/08/2022 in Category 1

12 Common Styles Of Pool Fences In Australian Homes

12 Common Styles Of Pool Fences In Australian Homes

A pool fence is a barrier designed to prevent young children from entering an outdoor swimming pool area without adult supervision. Glass fencing Sydney is a safety measure that has become increasingly common in recent years, as many families have chosen to install fences around their pools for added protection against potential accidents or drowning incidents. 

The main purpose of the fence is to create a physical barrier between the pool and any unsupervised individuals who may attempt to access it. This helps protect small children from accidentally falling into the water, as well as keeping pets and other animals away from the pool.

Australian homes are often decorated with a variety of pool fencing styles to complement the overall aesthetic of their outdoor space. From modern minimalist designs to traditional wrought iron fences, the following styles can help you choose the perfect pool fence for your home. 

1. Wrought Iron: This classic style is made from heavy-duty metal and features intricate patterns that provide an elegant look. It's ideal for creating a timeless atmosphere in any outdoor space and comes in many different colours, shapes, and sizes to suit your needs. 

2. Glass Fencing: Perfect for giving your pool area an open feel without compromising on safety, glass fencing is also very easy to clean and maintain. Plus, it provides uninterrupted views of the pool so you can enjoy it from all angles. 

3. Aluminium Fencing: If you want a modern look for your pool, aluminium fencing is an excellent choice. It's strong, lightweight, and comes in a variety of colours to match any style. Plus, it won't rust or need painting as other materials do. 

4. Timber Fencing: For those who prefer a more natural look, timber fencing adds an organic touch to any outdoor space. Its warm hues and rustic charm also make it ideal for creating cozy yet stylish enclosures around swimming pools. 

5. Chain Link Fencing: This durable material is perfect for pool areas with young children because of its strength and flexibility. The mesh design also makes it easy to see through, so you can keep an eye on all the action. 

6. PVC Fencing: PVC fencing is a great option if you want a low-maintenance pool fence with no upkeep required. It's also completely waterproof and won't corrode, which is why it's often used for pools close to the beach or in areas prone to heavy rain or snowfall. 

7. Tubular Steel Fencing: This type of pool fence has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its stylish look and strength. It comes in many colours and sizes and provides extra peace of mind when it comes to protecting your swimming pool from intruders or children wandering off without permission. 

8. Steel Pickets: Steel pickets offer a classic and timeless look for any outdoor space. They're also incredibly strong and come in several colours to match your existing landscape. 

9. Vinyl Fencing: This type of fencing is extremely low-maintenance, making it ideal for busy people who don't want to spend hours maintaining their pool fence. It's also weather-resistant and can be used in all types of climates. 

10. Stone Fencing: If you're looking for an upscale look, stone fencing is a great choice. This type of pool fence comes in many varieties such as brick, slate, or limestone and adds an elegant touch to any outdoor area. 

11. Electric Fencing: Electric fencing is perfect for homeowners who want an extra layer of protection around their pool. This type of fence uses electric pulses to keep intruders away, making it one of the safest options available. 

12. Bamboo Fencing: For those looking for a unique and eco-friendly way to enclose their pool area, bamboo fencing may be the right choice. Not only is bamboo incredibly strong and durable, but its natural beauty also adds an exotic touch to any outdoor space. 

No matter what type of pool fencing you choose, make sure that it meets local safety regulations and provides adequate security for your home. With these styles in mind, you can find the perfect fence to fit your needs and create the perfect outdoor space for you and your family.

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