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First Choice Bollards Reviews

Submitted by Emma on 03/18/2021

Improved anti-theft measure

Overall Rating

I commend the products of First Choice Bollards for being such a staple to our vehicle garage! Proven to be the champs when it comes to steel removable bollards, their bollard variety is impressive, and their prices are very affordable for great security. Easy to find too!

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Helpful all the way

I used to feel worried about my car being stolen, thanks to First Choice Bollards I don't have to anymore! Their bollards have successfully made me feel relaxed because my cars are now safe!

Submitted by Rosie Yang on 11/30/2020

My property is secured now

Very grateful to have discovered First Choice Bollards because their bollards are very durable and they never fail to protect every property I preciously secure. Through cold and heat, my bollards stays unflagged.

Submitted by Joyce on 11/23/2020

This is such a good product!

The steel bollards from First Choice Bollards were some of the best safety equipment I've purchased! It was cheap in price, but the quality was everything but cheap. Very sturdy, durable yet easy to handle. I also got their excellent installation services. I recommend them all in all.

Submitted by Shayne on 08/03/2020

One of the finest

Not a lot of bollards can do what First Choice Bollards does: simple, easy, effective. They're the leading bollards shop here at Avondale Heights and for good reason. Top-notch items that costs low and are easy to use. It's amazing how all of these can be found in First Choice Bollards while making sure it's a good protecting tool as well. Thumbs up!

Submitted by Maya on 07/27/2020