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Posted By on 11/23/2022

Why Should You Love Cows?

Why Should You Love Cows?

There are many reasons to love cows. These are adorable creatures who always give love for love. Caring for cows is a virtue to have. Only a lucky few who know about Gauseva can have it. If you also wish to get this virtue, you should read this post to understand why you should love cows.


Cows are intellectual: This is a remarkable cow fact you should know. These adorable creatures enjoy a mental challenge and get excited when they solve issues. They even understand the relationship between cause and effect.


  • Did you know that cows can unlock their stalls if no one is watching?


Cows remember: Even after a long time, a cow will recognize you and how you treated it. It also memorizes where things are, such as the best grazing spots, food, shelter, and, most importantly, the location of its calf.


Cows have a complex social hierarchy: This cow fact will make you love cows even more.


  • Similar to wolves, cows have complex social dynamics.
  • Each cow can recognize more than 50 members in a herd. Relationships are important.
  • Alpha cows are nominated for intelligence, curiosity, self-confidence, and experience.
  • Brawny, selfish, and pushy cows are usually not elected by the herd for leadership.


They are loving and forgiving: Unlike humans, cows are loving and forgiving. Just like your pet love scratches and belly rubs, cows also love such caring and loving touches. However, while they appreciate praise and affection, cows can learn to trust humans again after abuse. It is simply incredible.


Mothers share a sacred bond with their calves: Just like your mother is encouraging, protective, and attentive towards you from the moment you are born, cows also share a loving and caring bond with their calves. They will desperately call out to their calves that have been taken away, which makes it even more important to love and care for cows like your own children. One way is to join a Gauseva organization directly or indirectly (donation).  


Cows live a long time: You should know that cows live an average of 20 years when they are not raised to be made into beef. However, cows want to live, and everyone must donate to Gausevas, which loves and cares for cows. 


Cows have an expansive vocabulary: Children and adults know that cows go moo. However, cows have a lovely speech of their own. They communicate via complex body language and facial expressions.


  • Did you know that some cows can sing?

Cows are adorable: Finally, you can’t deny that cows, especially calves, are sweet, which makes loving cows even more of a thing to do. Some Gaushalas even let you adopt a cow or calf and give it a name by donating.


If you love cows, you should also Contribute to Gauseva. I recommend Gauseva Foundation, this organization, in my opinion, is genuinely doing a great cause towards nurturing and feeding needy cows. Thank you for reading.  


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