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Posted By Ideal Education Point New Choudhary Public Senior Secondary School on 01/04/2022

Want to Get That Perfect Handwriting? Use These Methods

Want to Get That Perfect Handwriting? Use These Methods

Students, especially younger ones, practice daily for hours, choose the correct pen or pencil, and are very familiar with their style. Still, some of them are stuck on the same page with their handwriting. Parents put their sweat and tears into improving their children's handwriting to stop getting complaints from school, but nothing happens, well not anymore, try these methods and see the difference.

Improving handwriting to perfection through right and enjoyable ways

Here are five methods to improve children's writing and make them perfect. Switch to these methods, and one will see the difference.

Making writing fun: Beautiful handwriting does not come quickly; it takes time, patience, and hard work. The skill and the style will only come with dedicated and focused practice. Children have brief attention intervals, and making them sit and concentrate without any rewards is pointless. Here's what parents should and shouldn't do.

  • Make the whole process fun by giving them a fun pencil that they can only use when practicing handwriting.
  • Don't begin with random words to copy as it's very dull and stressful.
  • Parents can add a word puzzle, a game of hangman or ask their children to narrate a story and write it along.

Blend it with drawing: Following up from point 1, word puzzles and drawing aid in advancing proficiency in the physical factors of improving handwriting. Follow these steps for the best start to handwriting improvisation.

  • Teach them how to hold the pencil correctly first. Remember that a great man once said if the first button of the shirt is done wrong, all of them will follow.
  • First, begin with drawing practice as children love it. Here, they also need to hold the pencil correctly, improving their posture.
  • Practicing with cutlery also helps improve posture.

These tips will walk the long way in improving the child's agility, motor control, and hand-to-eye coordination. All of these are required for better handwriting.

Identify the issue: English handwriting has common problems broadly separated into these four categories.

  • The shape of the letter.
  • The size of the letter.
  • The space between words. 
  • Aligning the sentences.

Parents should focus their children's attention on properly achieving the shape's concepts, ensuring that they use both hands to handle the paper for smoother handwriting.

Challenge their current understanding of line and space by asking children to write down their thoughts correctly. Then, they can get some candies equivalent to the spacing and alignment they have rightly done.     

Find the right tools for perfect handwriting: To get good writing to become perfect, children require the correct stationery to become comfortable using these things in school.  

However, parents should know their child's level before getting a stationary. For example, if normal-sized pencils are giving them trouble, buy them mini-pencils instead of thinking that the child is intentionally writing poorly. Here are some tips for even more fun.

  • Buy good-quality erasers for smarter and dust-free cleaning.
  • Buy the stationary in the child's favorite colors and themes.

Use creative methods:  Children can practice their handwriting on foggy mirrors or even mud. This way, they will have fun while improving their writing.   

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