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[Instruction] print and distribute the article. Organize the discussion to the appropriate extent. The point of the article may not be to some people's taste. But don't put labels on it. The key is to look at the author's long-term thinking. Some comrades are now blind to one thing, because of the general environment, and many of them are self-righteous. This is not good, and the blind spot of strategic vision is dangerous. I look at the four areas mentioned in the article that may produce technological mutations. The last one is the one we consider the least. It is worth noting that it should be studied systematically and thoroughly. [Signature] Kou Kou Kou 196 Kou Year Kou Month Kou Day II. Research Report on the Mutation Possibility of Alien Civilization Exploration Technology 1. Current International Research Trends [Abstract] (1) The United States and other NATO countries: The scientific nature and necessity of extraterrestrial civilization exploration has been widely recognized, and the academic atmosphere is thick; OZMA program: 1960, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank, West Virginia, USA. A radio telescope with a diameter of 26 meters was used to explore alien civilizations, with a single-channel reception and a frequency of 1420 MHz. The search targets were Pi Ceti and Epsilon Eridani, with a search time of about 200 hours. The OZMA II program was planned to be implemented in 1972 to expand the search targets, frequencies and ranges. In the same year, the Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 probes were planned to be launched. Each carries a metal card with information about Earth's civilization; the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes,steatite c221, which were scheduled to be launched in 1977, will carry a metal record; In 1963, the Arecibo telescope was built in Puerto Rico, which is of great significance to the exploration of extraterrestrial civilization. The total area of energy collection is about 20 acres, which is larger than the total area of energy collection of all other radio telescopes in the world. Together with the computer system,cordierite c520, it can monitor 65000 channels at the same time, and has the function of super-powerful transmission. (2) Soviet Union: There are fewer sources of intelligence information, but there are signs of huge investment in this field. Compared with NATO countries, the research is more systematic and long-term planning. According to some sporadic information sources, it is planned to build a global scale synthetic aperture radio telescope system based on very long baseline interferometry technology. Once the system is completed, it will have the strongest deep space exploration capability in the world. 2. Preliminary Analysis of the Social Form of Alien Civilization by Historical Materialism [omitted] 3. Preliminary analysis of alien civilization on the political tendency of human society [omitted] 4. Preliminary analysis of the impact of possible contact with alien civilizations on the current world pattern (1) One-way contact (receiving only information sent by an alien civilization) [omitted] (2) Two-way contact (communication and direct contact with alien civilizations) [omitted] 5. The danger and consequences of superpowers first contacting alien civilizations and monopolizing contact. (1) Analysis of the consequences of the US Empire and the NATO group first contacting alien civilizations and monopolizing contact [not declassified] (2) Analysis of the consequences of Su Xiu and Warsaw Pact Group's first contact with alien civilization and monopoly of contact [not declassified] [Instruction] The briefing has been read. They have already shouted to the outside of the earth. It is dangerous for an alien society to hear only one voice. We should also make our voices heard, so that they can hear the complete voice of human society. This thing needs to be done quickly. [Signature] Kou Kou Kou 196 Kou Year Kou Month Kou Day III. Preliminary Study Report of Red Bank Project (Year, Month, Day, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,Ceramic Bobbin, Year, Year) Top secret, the number of copies of the original: 2; the summary of the content is formed into a document: issued by the Central Committee of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, transmitted to the relevant departments of the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, transmitted to the Department of National Defense of the Central Planning Commission, and conveyed at the meetings and meetings. Communicate in the section of the meeting. Project No.: 3760; Defense Code: Red Bank 1. General Outline [Summary] Search for possible alien civilizations and try to establish contact and communication. 2. Theoretical Research on Red Bank Project [Abstract] (1) Search monitoring Monitoring frequency range: 1,000 MHz to 40,000 MHz; number of monitoring channels: 15000; key monitoring: hydrogen atom frequency 1,420 MHz, hydroxyl molecular radiation frequency 1,667 MHz, water molecular radiation frequency 22,000 MHz. Monitoring target range: 1000 light-year radius, the number of stars is about 20 million. The list of targets is attached as Annex 1 (2) Information transmission Transmission frequency: 2800 MHz, 12000 MHz, 22000 MHz Transmitting power: 10 ~ 25 MW Sending target: 1000 light-year radius. The number of stars is about 100,000. The list of targets is attached as Annex 2 (3) Development of Hongan self-interpretation system The guide part is to establish a basic language element code system based on the basic mathematical and physical principles commonly used in the universe, which can be understood by any civilization that has mastered basic algebra, basic Euclidean geometry and basic laws of low-speed physics. Based on the above element code system, supplemented by low-resolution graphic examples, the language system is gradually established. Languages: Chinese, Esperanto. The overall information volume of the system is 680 KB, and the transmission time on the 2800 MHz, 120000 MHz and 22000 MHz bands is 1183 minutes, 224 minutes and 132 minutes, respectively. 3. Implementation Plan of Red Bank Project (L) Preliminary design scheme of Red Bank search monitoring system [not declassified] (2) Preliminary design scheme of Red Bank information sending system [not decrypted] (3) Preliminary Scheme for Site Selection of Red Bank Search and Monitoring Base and Information Sending Base [omitted] (4) Preliminary Concept for the Formation of the Second Artillery Red Bank Troop [Undeclassified] 4. Red Bank Information Sending Content [Summary] Overview of the Earth's planets (3.1KB), overview of the Earth's life system (4.4KB), overview of human society (4.6KB) and basic information of world history (5.4KB). The total amount of information is 17.5KB. All information is transmitted after the self-decoding system, and the transmission time is 31 minutes,Ozone generator ceramic plate, 7.5 minutes and 3.5 minutes in the 2280 MHz, 12000 MHz and 22000 MHz bands, respectively. global-ceramics.com

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