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The End of Death _ Agatha Christie

Now, looking at her, Renee thought, "She's me. She's Kay." ……” Then Teddy looked up at her mother and smiled. A dignified, friendly smile, with confidence and pleasure. Renison thought, "No, she's not me and she's not Kay. She's herself." 。 This is Teddy. She is alone, just as I am alone. We are all alone. If there is love between us, we will be friends for a lifetime, but if there is no love. She will grow up, and we will be strangers. She's Teddy and I'm Rainey. Kayit was looking at her strangely. What do you want, Renison? I don't understand. Renison did not answer. How could she tell Kayit what she hardly knew? She looked around at the wall of the yard, at the bright colors on the porch, at the calm lake and the pleasant little attic, the neat beds of flowers and clumps of papyrus. Everything was safe and locked,fish measuring tape, and there was nothing to be afraid of. All around her were the familiar sounds of the house, the chatter of the children, the shrill noise of the women in the house, and the deep cry of cattle in the distance. "You can't see the Nile from here," she said slowly. Kayit looked surprised. Why would you want to see it? "I'm stupid," Renison said slowly. I don't know In front of her eyes, she saw very clearly a stretch of green land,Walking tape measure, rich and luxuriant, and beyond it, a pale rose and purple fading to the horizon, which was divided by the silvery Nile.. She held her breath because of the sight around her. As the noise receded, silence followed. Abundance, a certain satisfaction.. She said to herself, "If I look back, I'll see Horry.". He would look up and smile at me.. Then the sun goes down, the night comes, and then I will fall asleep.. That would be death. "What did you say, Renisen?" Renison was startled. She didn't know she had said what was on her mind. She came back to reality from her fantasy. Kayit was looking at her strangely. You said'death ', Horse weight lbs ,cattle weight tape, Renee. What are you thinking? Renison shook his head. "I don't know.". I don't mean & # 8212; & # 8212;. "She looked around again.". What a delightful sight to see at home, with the water rippling and the children playing. She took a deep breath. How peaceful it is here. It is impossible to imagine anything terrible. & # 8212; & # 8212; Happened here 。” But the next morning, right by the lake, they found Eby. He was sprawled on the ground, his face in the lake, and someone drowned him by pressing his head into the water. T, xt, small, say heaven, WWW. XiAosHuoTXT. Com. Chapter 18 The Tenth Day of the Second Month of Summer One Ying He sat alone. He looked much too old, a sad and timid old man. His face was full of misery and confusion. Xini brought him the food and coaxed him to eat it. Eat, eat, Ingote. You must keep up your strength. Why should I? What physical strength? E is so strong & # 8212; & # 8212; young Handsome and strong and now he lies in a saline. …… My son, my favorite son, my last son. "No, no, Eunholt, you have Amos." Your good Amos. "How long can it be?"? No, he's finished, too. We're all finished. What the hell is wrong with us? Do I know what happens when you bring a mistress in the door? That is what everyone accepts to be right and in accordance with the laws of men and of the gods. I respect her. So, why are these things happening to me? Or is Ashayit getting back at me? Does she not forgive me? She did not answer my entreaties, and the evil continued. "No, no, Ying Holt, you shouldn't say that.". In such a short time, don't we know how long it takes for this kind of legal justice in this world? The trial of the case in the court of the county magistrate has been delayed again and again. & # 8212; & # 8212; The case has been in the hands of the minister for longer. ? In this world or another, justice is justice, and no matter how slow things are, justice will be done in the end. Ying He Te shook his head suspiciously. Xini went on. "Besides, Eppie, you must remember that Eppie is not the son of Ashayit. He is the son of your mistress, Eppie." 。 Why, then, should Ashayit take drastic measures for him? But in the case of Amos, that's different. Amos will recover. Because Ashayit will find a way to make him well. "I must admit, Xini, I am gratified by your words." What you said is very reasonable. Yes, Amos is getting his strength back day by day. He was a good and faithful son,Pi tape measure, but Ohh! As for my Eby & # 8212; & # 8212; so dynamic & # 8212; So handsome! !” Ying He Te sighed again. Oh my God! Oh, my God! Xini wailed sympathetically. That cursed girl and her beauty! I wish I'd never seen her myself. Indeed, my dear master. She is really the devil's daughter. She knows magic and witchcraft. She can't go wrong. There was a sound of crutches hitting the ground. Isa limped into the hall. She snorted derisively. tapemeasure.net

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