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Posted By HS Consultants Education & Migration on 04/20/2023

Temporary to Permanent Partner Visa for Australia

Have you been living long enough with your Australian partner in the nation? Want to get a PR to live in Australia together infinitely? Then are on the correct web page. This article discusses transitioning from a Temporary to Permanent Partner Visa for Australia or changing your Temporary Partner Visa to a Permanent one.

An overview

So, you are familiar that when you first apply for a Partner Visa for Australia, you apply for both the temporary and permanent grants. Immigration Australia will usually grant you the Temporary Partner Visa first, which will allow you to live and work in Australia.

After two years of the initial request, Immigration Australia will request you to change to a Permanent Visa. To move on to the permanent stage, you need to log in to your Immi account and select to lodge phase 2 – Permanent Partner Visa application.     

What documentation do you need to submit?

Just like you lodged your initial application for the Temporary Partner Visa, the significant proof you need to provide is the evidence that you and your partner/spouse are still genuinely related.

For example: Evidence that you still live together (lease agreement, utility bills, etc.), recent joint bank transactions, recent photos, travel tickets, etc. It is similar to your initial documentation. However, this time the proof must be current.

Furthermore, you will need to submit 2 100 percent duly filled out recent 888 forms from family members or friends who can confirm the genuineness of your relationship. Plus, your Australian partner will require to complete a New Stat Dec.    

Does transitioning from a Temporary to a Permanent Partner Visa for Australia cost anything?

The good news is that Immigration Australia won’t even charge a single penny from you for this step.

How long does it take for the result of your lodged application?

The processing time for your visa application varies as there were several applications processed in a few days and others taking months to date. A specific condition to affect it will be the number of applications Immigration Australia is processing at a time. In simple words, fewer applications mean faster processing, and more applications mean slower processing.

What if you and your partner have broken up?

If you have broken up with your partner (such as divorce), you should immediately make sure that it’s under the notice of Immigration Australia. Unfortunately, it is a situation that makes obtaining the visa tough because only in rare cases such as domestic violence or death you might receive the Permanent Partner Visa.   

The conclusion

Hope you have received valuable information from this article. In some closing words – Immigration Australia crucially wishes to ensure that you are still in a genuine and loving relationship with your partner before this authority grants your visa. It is a straightforward procedure, much easier than your initial Partner Visa application.

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