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Posted By HS Consultants Education & Migration on 03/22/2022

Scholarships in New Zealand For Indian Students: All to Know About

Scholarships in New Zealand For Indian Students: All to Know About

New Zealand is one of the unmatched nations for overseas education because of its natural beauty and excellent education system. Other than that, the country also provides scholarships to international students.

How to receive a scholarship in New Zealand?

To be worthy of a New Zealand scholarship, students wishing to apply must adhere to the following criteria.

  • They must have an excellent academic score.
  • If students have any certificate(s) in extra-curricular activities, they have a higher chance of getting the scholarship.
  • If the students applying are research students, they must have a written assignment.  

Apply for a New Zealand scholarship for Indian students: Step by Step 

Here’s a 3 step easy guide for Indian students to apply for the scholarship in New Zealand online.

View the eligibility criteria: Every New Zealand scholarship plan is different from each other. So tally the eligibility for the program at the official website for New Zealand scholarships. Here’s how students can check their eligibility.

  • Take the eligibility test.
  • Students must only proceed with registration if the eligibility test has a positive outcome.

Collect the eligibility code after the test for completing the registration procedure.    

Please register an account for the New Zealand scholarship: Now, students must register an account on the official website for New Zealand scholarships with their legal email id and password. During this process, they must enter the eligibility code to finish registration.  

Finish the registration and apply before the deadlines: Lastly, students will get a password on their email. They must complete the registration with that password and apply for the scholarship before the last date.     

List of the best New Zealand scholarships for Indian students

These are the top 5 scholarships in New Zealand for Indian students.

New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships aka NZIDRS: It is a New Zealand government-sponsored scholarship plan for Indian students who want to study Ph.D.

  • This scholarship envelopes the university tuition fee, stipend, and student expenses up to 25000 NZD and health insurance of up to 600 NZD yearly.   

New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship: This scholarship plan is for both master’s degrees and Ph.D. in New Zealand for Indian students.

  • The scholarship funds tuition fees, travel expenses, health insurance, establishment expenses, and living allowances, plus 491 NZD will be paid weekly for living expenses and 3000 NZD for establishment.  

New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA): NZEA is a scholarship plan for Indian students at New Zealand’s universities, which allows them to feel New Zealand’s excellence in numerous subjects. Education New Zealand, ENZ, and New Zealand universities catering to Indian students are funding this program.

  • There are 28 scholarships vacant for postgraduate degrees and three available for undergraduate degrees.
  • Undergraduate students get 10000 NZD coverage, and Postgraduate students get 5000 NZD coverage.

NZ-GRADS New Zealand Global Research Alliance Doctoral Scholarship: It is the scholarship certification for New Zealand’s Indian Ph.D. students conducting their research in agricultural emission science. It is run by the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural GreenHouse Gas Emissions. This scholarship covers these expenses for three years.

  • Maximum tuition fees of 10000 NZD annually.
  • A tax-free yearly stipend of 28000 NZD.
  • Maximum health insurance of 700 NZD yearly.
  • Maximum visa costs of 1000 USD.
  • Maximum airfare of 6000 USD to return to New Zealand.
  • Maximum research expenses of 1500 USD.  

SEG Scholarship: SEG stands for Soshi Educational Group, which finances the SEG scholarship for UG students who study geophysics and geosciences for a year. The program has three categories.

  • Scholarship A: 7000 NZD yearly.
  • Scholarship B: 5000 NZD annually.
  • Scholarship C: 3000 NZD yearly.

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