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One of the online games, Gun Biao Blood

Second, he knew that he was by no means the material of Wu Hua and Tian Sha Lone Star who took their lives to cultivate their strength. He had his advantage. His power lay in strategizing and retaliating with the knife of "money" which killed people without blood. To some extent, Star Wars is the same as the real world, with at least one thing in common-the strong are respected. Dark night also repeatedly thought, want to deal with the brilliant alliance of this faction of henchmen, must have their own forces, but also to summon such a super master Wu Hua. Now the opportunity has finally come, Zhancheng is a very big bet, the dark night believes that Mr. M is also betting on all his belongings, just for the emergence of the first player city in Star Wars. This bad breath must go out this time, if not, I will not play Star Wars again. The dark night swears silently in my heart that he has been waiting for this day for several months, waiting too long. Thinking, the receiver sent a text message from Wu Hua: "How did they deal with you at the beginning? I will add ten times to help you return it. They cut you one knife, and I cut them ten knives, without mercy!" The whole body of the dark night relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief, and he was most grateful. In Star Wars, I got to know Wu Hua, a brother who values loyalty, as well as his true friends. This battle is not only his personal battle, but also the survival of the coalition forces of several major companies. Lightning crackles in the sky, thunder explodes in the clouds, the sky and the earth flash and flash, rocks and vegetation only alternately show two colors, eternal death black,whirlpool bathtub, broken killing crazy white bright. Team 12 was lurking in the waterfall lawn where Wu Hua tortured Wang Chongyang and his gang to death. An hour ago, they received a tip and killed the big dog who led the way for Wu Hua and Wang Chongyang here. The captain died one day and lurked motionless in a hole that had been dug long ago. He used to feel confident and calm when carrying out his mission, but this time the feeling made him nervous and exciting, because this time he had to deal with madness, as long as he mentioned madness. Then you can draw a list of losers: BIISU, Mr. Ma, Klinsmann, Tianxiang, Tiansha Lone Star,garden jacuzzi tub, Fairy Sister, Hanzo Hattori, Dugu Nine Swords.. Tomb of heroes, one day of death scattered slightly sighed, the assassination failure rate of team 12 is C, Wu Hua somehow also had a failure, thinking of this, one day of death scattered confidence immediately restored. In the dim light of night, two figures walked down the path, and everyone's heart tightened. They had received the news a few hours ago. The crazy explosion caused the first and second cities to fight each other. Now the pirates of the third city saw that the second city was empty, and they also attacked the second city in a big way. The fleets of all countries were gathering. If the crazy explosion received the news, he would return to the north coast, so this was the place he must pass through. The lightning suddenly became blazing and crackled overhead, and then suddenly fell silent. Wu Hua suddenly stopped, and the blue starry sky, knowing that there was something different, stopped and put his hand on the hilt of the sword. Sniper Tu Shen's right hand heart also jumped, he is the main attacker in the team, whirlpool hot tub ,outdoor endless pool, using a blue trial eye M200, muzzle kinetic energy 20000 joules, cross heart aiming at Wu Hua's chest fluttering slightly. It was not because he was nervous, but because of the slight tremor caused by the pulse of his wrist hanging in the air, but it didn't matter. Wu Hua went further about 1, and was about to enter the encirclement of the team. This night's weather is very strange, completely invisible, Tu Shen right hand also dare not open any night vision device, he is afraid to arouse the other side's vigilance, so the sniper rifle is basically equal to close combat "pestle", the problem is that there is no exposure, Wu Hua has been alert. Tu Shen's right hand had to admire the master's keen sense of touch, nervously, his fingers decisively pulled the trigger. Bang- "" Red 8 CheyTac ~ burst out a trail of light, hitting Wu Hua's abdomen. "Ding", the damage value is very obvious in the night: "-1!" In the overall tactics of the team, Tu Shen's right hand shot did not intend to kill Wu Hua at all. In fact, it was impossible to get it. The shot was designed to produce a strong sense of pain and make Wu Hua bend down. At this moment, other people started to kill Wu Hua in a row, so as not to let Wu Hua have the power to fight back. But this shot is clearly in the wind, Wu Hua just trembled all over, the whole person is still standing there, weakening 85% of the pain so that this shot is equivalent to scratching the back, Tu Shen's right hand knows that the situation has changed, but it's too late to shout, the master is a move out, how can there be a reason to stop? The two doctors buried in the hole in the distance rushed up to the sky and suddenly jumped out. With a wave of their hands, two glittering energy poisons, one red and one green, went out. Wu Hua's whole body disappeared, the poison was scattered empty, and the withered grass on the ground was "hissing". This time all people are stunned, this is a set of serial attacks of the perfect kill with stuck here. The two doctors also stayed for two seconds, but the men of Team 12, after all, were battle-tested, missed a hit, and immediately scattered the second handful of poison into the blue sky behind them. With a bang, everyone's eyes were blurred. Somehow, the hand of the blue starry sky grabbed the neck of the bright left, and the face of the bright left immediately turned purple, struggling desperately. The blue sky stared at him and said coldly, "I won't let you die so soon. Get out!" With a knee on his key part, Guangming Zuo's face turned black instead of purple, and he knelt down with a splash, covering his vital part and kicking on the ground. At this time, Wu Hua also appeared, a elbowing hit the belly of the sky, rushed to the sky and flew a few meters away, the back of a rock on the ground smashed. At this time, Wu Hua found a red bright spot fluttering on his body, and he knew that it was the laser electric sight that locked him. Da-da Da-da Da-da! The M1661 rifle's blunt strafe rang out. Poof, poof, poof! The mud and dust on the ground splashed up one by one, and Wu Hua rolled on the spot after he threw himself sideways. As soon as I stood up,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, there was a crisp sound of "Zheng" in midair. One day, I was killed and jumped high. The sharp weapon gave a cold light under the lightning, and the target was directed at Wu Hua's face. Chapter 487 revenge for friends. monalisa.com

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