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Posted By on 09/07/2021

Misconceptions about Cannabis that need busting now

Misconceptions about Cannabis that need busting now
Misconceptions about Cannabis that need busting now
Nowadays, CBD is considered a “Hot wellness trend” and many consider CBD as a medicine. Some of the CBD evangelists also believe it cures various diseases including Cancer!

The consequences of cannabis use, its capacity to buy apple runtz online runtz shop develop an addiction, its role as a gateway drug, and so on are among the myths and misconceptions.

Here are few common misconceptions regarding CBD. Please have a look at it.
1.     Cannabis can kill you:
Overdosing on Cannabis, unlike other drugs like opioids and others, is quite exceptional. According to some reports, a person would have to consume around 1,000 pounds per minute for 15 minutes to fatally overdose on cannabis. That would be 6,800 kg in 15 minutes, which is improbable.
2.     Cannabis is addictive:
According to estimates in the United States, about 7% to 9% of cannabis users develop a cannabis use disorder. Recreational cannabis use is based on a variety of factors that are often unreliable. 
It's worth noting that the chances of having a cannabis use disorder while using medicinal cannabis are quite low.
3.     Vaporizing is as bad as smoking:
Smoking and vaporizing are not interchangeable since vaporizing is a much safer method of consuming cannabis. 
This is why: Vaporizing cannabis produces no smoke because it is burned below its combustion temperature, allowing users to ingest cannabis in the same way they would with oils, edibles, or pills.
4.     Synthetic cannabis is better than natural cannabis:
Synthetic cannabis is produced for medicinal purposes in a laboratory under good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards is safe to use. Each batch produced is tested to ensure it contains only what is written on the label.
5.     Cannabis cures health issues:
According to a lab tested research, many CBD-labeled products purple kush  marketed on the internet contain little or no CBD. This may cause CBD products to be of poor quality.
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