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Master triangle math with our calculator

Master triangle math with our calculator

If you're unsure how to find a triangle's angle, use Allcalculator.net's Moreover, below, you may read explanations of the triangle angle sum theorem, triangle exterior angle theorem, and angle bisector theorem. Discover how the calculator functions in the next paragraphs, then try it yourself. Triangle missing angle finding has never been easier!    

How can I determine an equilateral triangle's area?

You just need to know one side of an equilateral triangle to determine its area:

area = a² × √3 / 4

We can quickly calculate the area of an equilateral triangle by multiplying the side length by 0.433, as 3 / 4 is about equal to 0.433.

The equilateral triangle area may be rapidly calculated with this  even if we didn't create a separate calculator for it. Use the component for the area of a triangle with three sides since, as you are aware, an equilateral triangle has sides of equal length. You undoubtedly recall that any angle that may be calculated in both the angle-side-angle and side-angle-side versions is 60 degrees in an equilateral triangle calculator .

What Does Triangle Mean?

The triangle is a closed, two-dimensional planar shape in mathematics. It has three sides and three angles, making it a polygon. The triangle's interior angles add up to a total of 180 degrees. Triangles may be categorized into many varieties based on their angles and side lengths. Triangles are divided into three categories based on their sides:

  • Triangle of Scalene

  • Triangle in isosceles

  • triangle with equal sides

Triangles are categorized based on their angles as follows:

  • Sharp-angled triangle

  • Triangle with an acute angle

  • A right triangle

The following formula may be used to determine a triangle's area and perimeter:

Triangle's area is A = (12) bh square units.

The bounds of a triangle with units P = a + b + c


A, B, and C make up the triangle's sides.

The base is b.

The height is h.

Triangle knowledge, rules, and theorems

While the exterior angles of a triangle  calculator are equal to the sum of the two interior angles that are not next to it, the interior angles of a triangle always add up to 180°. One may alternatively determine a triangle's exterior angle by subtracting the target vertex's angle from 180 degrees.

Any two triangle sides' lengths added together will always be longer than the third side's length.

The Pythagorean theorem is a right triangle-specific mathematical principle. The square of the hypotenuse length of any right triangle is the sum of the squares of the other two sides. Hence, any triangle whose sides meet this requirement is a right triangle.

Triangle's surface area

Depending on the information available, there are a variety of alternative formulae for computing the area of a triangle. The base, b, and height, h, of a triangle may be used to calculate its area using an equation. Any side of the triangle whose height is denoted by the length of the segment of a line drawn from the vertex opposite the base to a point on the base that forms a perpendicular is referred to as the "base."

Inradius, circumradius, and the median


The length of a line segment from a triangle's vertex to its opposite side's midpoint is referred to as the triangle's median. There can be three medians in a triangle, and they will all intersect at the centroid of the triangle (the location of the arithmetic mean of all the triangle's points)


The inradius, in this example a triangle, is the diameter of the greatest circle that can fit within the provided polygon. Each side of the polygon is perpendicular to the inradius. Building two angle bisectors to get the triangle's incenter will allow you to calculate the triangle's inradius. The angle between the triangle's incenter and one of its sides is known as the inradius.


The radius of a circle that encompasses every vertex of a polygon, in this example, a triangle, is known as the circumradius. The circumcenter of the triangle is the place on this circle from which the circumradius is measured, where all of the perpendicular bisectors of each side of the triangle  calculator meet.

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