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How to Teach Moral Values to Children?

How to Teach Moral Values to Children?

Children are the innocent and beautiful bundle of joy that brings happiness to parents’ lives. However, children are also fast learners. They learn moral values at an early age from their parents, teachers, and other adults in the family, and it’s their responsibility to teach them good habits. Here’s how they can do it with fun.

The seven ways to teach children moral values the easy way

If parents use these seven methods, their children can quickly learn moral values and grow up to be good and responsible citizens.

Model good values in children

One of the essential things parents can do is set great examples for their children. Children learn from how their parents treat them, overhearing their conversations with others and monitoring what they do in the various situations life throws at them. 

Parents need to present these qualities themselves if they want their children to display honesty, self-respect, and compassion. All the teaching can be unwrapped if children see their parents behaving opposite to what they said. 

Teach them about apologies the right way

Everyone makes mistakes, even adults, but the problem with adults is that they rarely admit their mistakes and apologize, especially their children. However, parents need to realize their mistakes with their children and apologize, for example, forgetting their bedtime story. 

It shows children that their parents respect their feelings. This system should be the other way around, too. When children make mistakes, they should also know that it’s time to apologize, and they will say sorry without hesitation because they saw their parents apologizing for their mistakes. 

Use daily experiences as examples

Almost every day, something or the other happens that can work as a starter for parents to teach their children about moral values. For example, it could be an incident that they hear in the news, something parents and children did together, or something that the parent and child saw someone else do. Such examples give instant practical good values to children, especially the younger ones. 

Share personal experiences

Everyone in the adult group can look back into their past and search out many experiences that taught them some beneficial lessons. Parents should share such experiences with their children with excitement, especially those that showcase how the parent made a choice that agreed to reasonable values.

For example, parents can tell their children when they followed their path instead of going for the mob mentality. They Made friends with a student in school whom everyone was teasing and ignoring, returned someone’s wallet instead of keeping the money, or worked hard to achieve a specific target. Parents should ensure that they explain why the experience was morally good, how they made that decision, and the result. 

Motivate them to face the challenge

There will be times when children give up on something they started because it became challenging. At such times, parents should motivate their children to face the challenge and win rather than quitting; they can share with them how they overcame challenges and become successful. Don’t make the story too long and tedious, though.

Appreciation is key

Parents should encourage their children to help others whenever possible; it will surprise how often children can show simple acts of kindness.

All they need to do is a little push from their parents and adults. But, on the other hand, parents should appreciate their children for good behavior too, if they want them to keep it. So, for example, they can gift a get well soon card to sick people or become friends with other children, especially the new and shy ones.

Monitor screen use

When it is about teaching good values to children, there will be a lot less unlearning if their exposure to wrong things is reduced in the first place. Of course, parents can’t keep their children away from everything, but limiting internet and TV use can help a lot. 

On the other hand, make children watch good or teach them good habits, such as Tom & Jerry (the old episodes) and The Popeye Show (teaches them that spinach is good for health) and not Chota Bheem.

Leave them with their grandparents for sometime

Everyone has grown up hearing stories from their grandparents, stories that put them to sleep within minutes when they were children, not because they were boring, it’s because they are full of elements that children like. One of them is characters that show moral values. 

So leaving children with their grandparents will surely reap good results because children trust their grandparents more than their parents so they will learn many good things from them.   

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