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Posted By Levitadz on 04/13/2023

Get Better ROI With These Google Ads Optimization Tips

Get Better ROI With These Google Ads Optimization Tips

Return on Investment, or ROI, is the focus of all Google Ads you run across different channels. However, what if you are not earning anything with them? Or what if you are not reaching your target? In that case, you need to perform Google Ads Optimization.    


Increase expansion: Keyword research is the most essential and tiresome process. However, with so many tools available, it’s easier now, and your efforts also pay well. So, if you need more keywords, you should expand on them. 


Gain more control: Single Keyword Ad Groups or SKAGs is the best way to gain control over your Google Ads. With it, you can decrease your cost per lead to half and earn up to 300% volume.  


Target specific audiences: You can use Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs), a Google-provided feature. It lets you remarket list audience targeting on top of your campaigns.


  • It lets you narrow your search traffic to users who have already visited your website. 


Use prospecting display Ads: The next thing you can do is invest in display ads. It will give you little conversions but more exposure and awareness to your potential customers.


Match intent to CTA: The idea here is to match which CTAs work best for which type of visitors. For example, if a user has come from an ad, asking them straight for their contact, no will increase the chances of them leaving because they intend to look for a product and not fill in personal details.  


Metrics and KPIs matter: Metrics and KPIs such as quality score matter and are essential, but the focus should be on the end goals of sales. These micro metrics must lead to sales; if they aren’t, you need to enhance your campaign.


Use geolocation and dayparting: These are methods you may use to target countries from where people are purchasing something from your brand. It is essential because, for example, there is no point in targeting ten countries if only one is giving you sales conversions.  


Analyze demographics: Your campaign performance depends on the age, gender, income, and other traits of your consumers, so ensure to check these and improve where needed.

Search partners: Search partners may or may not perform well. You may have a landing page that filters out bogus leads, but you may still get them due to bots.


  • Experts recommend testing and keeping or removing particular search partners to enhance the validity of your leads.     


Bid adjustments: It is also possible for devices. So, for example, if you are getting more sales from desktop users, you can increase the bid there and decrease it for mobile devices.


Keywords enhancement and expansion: Remove keywords that bring up your website in irrelevant searches and expand the list for relevant searches. 


Always test ads: Continually optimize your website on Google. Keep testing ads to see which ones work and which ones don’t. 


  • The end goal is always to increase CTR, leads, and sales.


All this sounds easy to do but is very complex and time-consuming. Experts recommend outsourcing Google Ads Optimization. In my opinion, you will get the best services at Levitadz. 

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