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Posted By Ideal Education Point New Choudhary Public Senior Secondary School on 10/19/2021

Five Methods To Motivate Children To Learn Coding

Five Methods To Motivate Children To Learn Coding

Codes are everywhere these days. Whether it's computer software or even a smartwatch or Smartphone application, these days, nothing can happen without code. For instance, if coding becomes extinct one day, the world will stop moving, but coding is not as easy as 1, 2, and 3, but that doesn't mean that children can't learn to code.

What is coding? 

Simply put, coding is the use of a programming language to write a series of statements that instruct a computer to do tasks.

The advantages of encouraging little ones to learn to code

Coding has become a field these days that has endless possibilities for anyone who wishes to learn. Adverse to the belief, learning coding isn't as hard as it looks. Coding for children will give them many valuable skills. For instance, coding will help children seek employment as a programmer or a coder, plus, coding can make children better. Additionally, job security is there for coders, as they are in great demand today.   

The right age for children to learn to code

What is the time for a child to learn to code? The answer: any time & age as long as the child is interested. It is contradictory to the misunderstandings that many parents have about children learning to code. Coding consists of various parts, varying in difficulty, some very simple, others not so simple. For the more specific elements, even children as young as seven years old can grasp the concepts. All that parents need to do is get them started with a good course and approach.  

The six benefits of coding for children

Coding has many benefits for children. Here are the six major ones.   

Coding can help schoolwork and grades: Children who learn to code can boost and flourish different skills in their academic curricula like arithmetic, writing, and creativity. It may also aid them to become confident in school and other scenarios.

Coding helps in arithmetic and reasoning: In terms of mathematics, programming is accepted to help children view more conceptual topics in a friendly way, which allows them to put arithmetic to real-world problem-solving while still learning. It's about typing a program to solve an issue or achieve success in computer science and applying mathematical concepts to solve logic.   

Coding improves writing abilities: When it's about writing, computer programming can help children learn a more concise and disciplined approach to narrative and English and boost their writing skills. In addition, when parents inspire their children to learn to code, they will understand that each problem has many solutions, and it doesn't always have to be complicated.

Coding is great for creativity: Children are playful, and when they learn to code, they will play with the code and learn to think outside of the box (that's what geniuses like Steve Jobs did). As a bonus, coding can also teach children to create and use digital elements. So a coder child, instead of downloading an app, will create one for sure. 

Coding boosts self-confidence:  Parents who have enrolled their children in coding courses often monologue that their children are better in confidence and communication now. It is not fixed to learning new things outside their comfort zone, but also to collaborate with other children.

Coding improves career chances: As per a UK report, more than half of engineering, science, technology, and mathematics positions are hard to fill. So children who will have coding and programming experience by the time they reach employment age will not have to worry about getting a job.

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