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Fall in love after work

When I walked into the restaurant, I happened to see the beautiful woman and several girls sitting together for dinner. I walked into the restaurant for no more than five seconds. The girls at their table scanned me with their eyes one after another, and then gathered together to laugh. My heart is very struggling, it seems that the morning will be spread! I made a timely decision that the spread of the news must be prevented. Or my authority in front of the boys in our department will be gone! I steeled myself and went to the table of the beautiful woman. I came to her and patted her on the shoulder. "Excuse me, can I have a chat?" "Do you know me?" The beauty looked at me with wide eyes. I admit that the eyes looked very clear, but I always felt that there was a sense of ridicule. Didn't we just meet this morning?! "Well, I'm telling the truth this time." I touched my forehead habitually and said helplessly, "Is that all right?" "Yes." The beauty stood up and walked a few steps away from the seat with me. If you have something to say, say it. I know I did a very stupid thing this morning, and it was very funny, so it's normal to be laughed at by you and your colleagues. However, I wonder if you could see that I have provided you with some entertainment material, not to popularize this joke,lamella clarifer, you know what I mean? "Yes, but you're not entertaining my colleagues!" Didn't you all take turns to look at me and laugh at me? This is not entertainment? "Ah, we didn't look at you, we looked at that poster!" “……” I looked in the direction of the beautiful woman's finger. There was a cartoon poster beside the door. The character on it was really funny, but I didn't want to laugh at all. I did another stupid thing,lamella tube, and I felt like the character on the poster. When I sat in front of my favorite dish, I lost my appetite. Boss, did you talk to Mien just now? Wang Zhaobing, a boy in my department, sat next to me with a plate. What Mien? I don't even know him. My mood is not very good, and my tone of voice is not as magnetic as it used to be. You don't know? I saw you standing there talking to her. Wang Zhaobing's hand pointed in one direction. Where do you stand and talk? When I looked in the direction of Wang Zhaobing's finger, I knew who he was talking about. "Oh, you said the woman's name was Mien?" "You don't even know your name and you talk to people for a long time. Boss, you're really good!" "Hey, rapid sand filters ,fine bubble diffuser, you care so much. Do you know that Mien?" "No, I don't. How many people in this building don't know?" "I don't know." I don't know where I got such a temper. You're not.. I knew the guy was going to say something about talking to her just now, so I interrupted him in time: "Tell me about her." The boy said proudly, "You're asking the right person. The customer service manager of the company on the 19th floor is a famous beauty in the building. She is also a very open beauty. I heard that there are no less than five people who have had a real relationship with her in this building alone. And once she has a relationship with someone, she will soon break up with this person and start looking for the next target." "No?"? Is it really such a person? It looks very pure. It's hard for me to connect the three words between Mien's lovely smile and the word "slut." Boss, you must not be confused by her appearance, what I said is true, hey? Does she think you're her next target? "What are you talking about? I don't even know him." "You don't know, you're still." "Are you finished? I just accidentally bumped into her and said I was sorry." I gave the kid a hard shove in the head. The boy shook his head back to his original position and refused to give up and said, "Boss, don't stop listening. If you really want to have a one-night stand with this kind of woman, it's absolutely no problem. But don't be emotional. You're no match for her!" I helplessly looked at the boy: "Are you eating?"? Or talk? If you feel that your mouth only has the function of speaking, I will arrange for you to speak at tomorrow's presentation. "All right, I know. Eat." Wang Zhaobing lowered his head and began to eat. I couldn't help but look in the direction of Mien and shake my head, feeling uncomfortable. With the reform and opening up, everything has been opened up, and people's lives have been greatly improved, but the fact that girls have become open is a reality that I have not been able to fully accept. Back at the company, I asked other people to beat around the Bush about Mien. She seemed to have been sent out by their company to study for a period of time, so I didn't see her after I came to work in the building. The other information about her is basically the same as that introduced by Wang Zhaobing, and it emphasizes the point that she is more open. It seems that for this beautiful woman, I need to be vigilant and give up the principle that I always like beautiful women. But if things end up like this, there is no story, since it can be written as a story, then I have to meet Mien again, and the reason why I met her is very simple, because she and I got on the same subway station and got off at the same station. "Do you know each other or not today?" I don't know when Meehan stood next to me, but his eyes were fixed on the billboard in the subway tunnel. Ah? Oh, yes. I turned to look at Mien and continued to look at the billboard opposite. Then what "No more. I don't know what to say. If I say more, I will be laughed at again." Mien smiled and turned to look at me. "You're not so stingy,filter nozzle, are you? I just played a joke on you yesterday.". If you are angry, I will say sorry to you. I'm sorry, Mr. Chen Chao. She also made a formal 45-degree bow to me. khnwatertreatment.com

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